constipation after lap band surgery

Ebonet J.
on 4/7/10 9:16 am - Gibsonville, NC
I had my lap band surgery on April 5th and I have not had a bowel movement yet.  I know they say that I can take a laxative if needed, but how long should I wait before I resort to using something.  I am afraid it will hurt I take some thing to soon.  Any one know what to do here?
Bette B.
on 4/7/10 9:26 am
Remember that it's only been 2 days since your surgery and unless you're already eating solids,  there probably isn't much in there yet to "poop out." Are you FEELING constipated (bloated, heavy, cranky)? If you ARE and you really are constipated, and you have been given the green light by your doc to take one, it's okay to take a laxative.


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Ebonet J.
on 4/7/10 9:56 am - Gibsonville, NC
You're right it has only been 2 days.  I was just worred about how long does it typically take before I will have a bowel movement, plus how long is too long?  I have plenty of gas, but just nothing coming out.
Bette B.
on 4/7/10 11:08 am
If you're feeling okay, just let it ride!


Banded 10 years & maintaining my weight loss!! Any questions, message me.

on 4/7/10 9:57 am - Boynton Beach,, FL
I swear by miralax... it has no taste, non habit forming, mix with any drink hot or cold.. it works like magic.  good luck



on 4/7/10 10:06 am - Midlothian, TX
Your bowels take a while to wake up from anesthesia, and you haven't had any solid food in a little while.  I would give it up to 5 days if you are on just liquids.  Less if you are on solids.  I was just getting ready to call the doctor on day 6 and then I had one...
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