My bra really hurts in the middle of my chest - anyone had this? How long will it last?

on 7/9/10 3:00 pm, edited 7/9/10 3:01 pm
 The bra I am wearing is lose and it still puts a lot of pressure in the center of my chest.  Anyone have this - how long will it last?  I think that is where my pouch is?

Also, I am having a lot of pain in my middle back?
on 7/9/10 3:07 pm - Seattle, WA

That seems really high for your pouch.  How far out are you from your WLS? 

I had a sharp poking/rubbing pain in my chest after I'd lost an amount of weight and it turned out to be a bone and the way my bra wa****ting it.  My doctor sent me off for a bra fitting and the purchase of a good bra, and problem was solved

It may be your bra that is causing the pain.  Have you been fitted for a bra, or are you just buying off the rack picking the size you think you wear?  Going on the assumption that it is the bra that is causing the problem you should go to Macy's, Nordstrom, or Victoria's Secret and get properly fitted into the correct bra size (it really is a science to properly fit a bra.)  Then stay at Macy's or Nordstrom and purchase a Wacoal bra.  Hopefully that will help.

If it's not the bra, I have no idea what to tell you.

I am sure some on here has much better advice for you.

on 7/9/10 3:26 pm
 I am almost 7 weeks out - my bra did fit , I have not bought a new one yet.  I am afraid if I get a new one that fits it will put even more pressure on the area.  It kinda makes me nauseous.  It is worth a try to see if a new one will help.
on 7/9/10 5:30 pm
I had the same problem for about the first 4 weeks after surg.  My chest was very large at the time of surg (they are fading away now!!!) and I always wore an underwire  bra so I got a very soft almost sport bra to wear which worked out until I was able to go back to more supportive.

My pain was right at the lower part of the bra in the center of my chest, probably just from the weight of my boobs on the epigastric area.

I hope that works for you.

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on 7/9/10 9:41 pm - Aurora, NY
It eventually goes away.  For me, it was incision related. 

on 7/9/10 10:38 pm - County Line, MI
Get rid of the underwire bras and that will help. I found that the wires would put pressure in the center where they meet and that was so uncomfortable, even in a well fitted bra. I am now very thin and in a 36A and still can't stand underwires. As to the mid back pain, I had that a lot while losing-it has gone away for the most part.

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on 7/9/10 11:07 pm
I have the same issue if my bra is too tight it puts pressure not in the center but I little below.I believe I was told my new ouch sits somewhere right about there(not sure),but whenever I lift that part of my bra up I feel such a relief.....
on 7/10/10 1:58 am - Nashville, TN
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Do you still have your gallbladder? When I had gallbladder stones,that is where my pain was right between my breasts,radiating around to my right back. Call your surgeon/pcp and ask for a gallbladder ultrasound for a diagnosis.

Good luck and keep us posted,




diane S.
on 7/10/10 2:58 am
yep, try the stretchy sports bras. they sort of give you a "mono-boob" but for comfort for awhile who cares. gl.

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on 7/10/10 3:06 am
Not sure about the pain in your back, but even now, almost 9 months out, I STILL have to take my bra off sometimes while/after eating. For whatever reason they put a lot of pressure on my pouch.
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