Magnesium Citrate not working!!!!

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on 4/24/12 4:32 am - Romulus, MI
RNY on 04/25/12
I am very concerned and just sent my husband out to the pharmacy for another bottle of the Magnesium Citrate...I drank the whole 11 oz bottle and have followed it with 48 oz of water over a 3 hour time period...nothing! Not so much as a gurgle. I have been peeing a lot because of all the water.
My surgery is tomorrow at 9am and if I can't get my bowel prep completed they may have to re-schedule my surgery!
Suggestions please! I am frantic and nervous.
After I drink the new bottle of M/C I am going to drink some more water and walk on my treadmill.
 I wish!
Dave Chambers
on 4/24/12 4:55 am - Mira Loma, CA
RNY on 05/10/06 with
I'd try the standard Fleet enema at this point.  You can always call your surgeon for suggestions too. DAVE

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on 4/24/12 4:58 am - OH
I wouldn't drink a second bottle unless your surgeon directs you to.

Chances are it will work by the end of the day.  But even if it doesn't, there is really no reason they should need to cancel your surgery.  During this surgery, they don't do anything to your large intestine.  So it shouldn't matter if your large intestine is cleaned out or not.  That's why many surgeons don't even recommend a bowel prep before RNY.

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on 4/24/12 5:55 am - CA
Agree with Kelly....

You may cause more issues by drinking bottle #2.

Also agree with Dave about the Fleet.... but only after asking surgeon!

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on 4/25/12 6:51 am
I did three weeks of Optifast pre-surgery.  No need for an enema!

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