Possibly have breast cancer

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RNY on 12/04/15

My gyno found 2 nodules in my right breast during my yearly exam on Monday of this week.  I had a diagnostic mammogram w/ultrasound on Wednesday.  The doc did not like what she saw (2 masses + some lymph nodea) and scheduled me for a vacuum core needle biopsy w/ultrasound on Friday (yesterday).  She said that even if the biopsies come back negative that I will need to see a breast surgeon as the masses need to come out.

The elephant was in the room for sure.  I know by the conversation that she suspects I have cancer.  I am just 3 months out from having my RNY, how will chemo, radiation, and surgery affect my RNY progress?  What about the drugs I will possibly have to take, are there any I have to be wary of because of my RNY?

Any advice from anyone that found themselves in my shoes after having RNY?

Update morning of 2/29/16:  I got the electronic results of the mammogram and ultrasound that was done last Wednesday, it sounds ominous.  

"2 irregular hypoechoic right breast masses with right axillary adenopathy. Findings are highly suggestive of malignancy with metastatic adenopathy.
Final Assessment: Highly Suggestive of Malignancy- Appropriate Action Should Be Taken (BIRADS Category 5)"

I will be receiving the biopsy report sometime today.

Update evening of 2/29/16:  The radiologist did not receive the test results from the lab today.  They said hopefully they will come in tomorrow.  I'm a nervous hot mess right now.

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Hang in there. I am 4 years post diagnosis on Stage 3B breast cancer.  If the doctor recommends the mastectomy, do it.  While your timing is less than ideal, you will be able to end 2016 in lots better shape all around than otherwise.

I will comment that the mastectomy will be a bit harder in terms of recovery than the RNY surgery.  However, you will deal with that, and you will deal with the chemo.  For the chemo, the drugs will be administered with an IV, probably through a port they will put in your chest.  The drugs are awful, of course, but they will not actually kill you.  They will give you anti-nausea drugs along with the chemo drugs, and that will make it so you can stay on program for your RNY diet.  

People assume that chemo results in weight loss.  That is actually no longer true now that they have such great anti=nausea meds. The chemo actually may slow down your weight loss from the RNY, but remember that the best thing to prevent recurrence of breast cancer is to attain and maintain a normal weight after chemo.  Be especially vigilant with Vitamin D, multi-vitamins and vitamin B-12.  Consult with both your oncologist and your bariatric surgeon and have them talk to each other about your treatment, especially any pills you would be taking orally.  (Buy a pill cutter.)

You will be ok, but you need support from your family and friends for this fight.  Stay close with the nutritionist in your bariatric surgeon's office.  These people are cross-trained to support diet needs for chemo patients as well.  You will need to transition back to the bariatric surgeon's office to continue weight loss when chemo is over.


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Thank you for your insight.  I'm nervous about getting my results tomorrow and frightened about what may be ahead for me.

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I only saw your link today.  I have not yet had WLS but was wondering how you are doing?  I hope you have a good support system and wondered if I could lend an ear.  



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Thank you for checking on me!  I'm doing good.  My 6th and final chemo treatment will be next Thursday (7/7).  I will be so glad to be finished with chemo.  I have endured just about every possible side effect.

My double mastectomy will take place on 8/9.  After recovery, 6 1/2 weeks of  radiation treatments will take place.  After recovery from radiation reconstruction of both breast begins.  Sometime after radiation my 1 year of Herceptin infusions will take place (every 3 weeks).

I have a GREAT support system and medical team!

66 yrs old, 4'11", BMI 27.2 (51.8 at start), HW 256.4 (8/4/15), SW 217.4, CW 135.8 (9/19/16), GW 100.0, RNY 12/4/15 Dr. RoseMarie Jones

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Since your WLS, You have been thru so much!!!  What a strong,woman you are!! I'm so glad you have a great support system.  I wish you all the best in a speedy recovery after surgery and further treatment.  

We are all praying for you!!!  Keep us posted.  I did see your other posts after my last message.  I will continue to follow your recovery!!  

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RNY on 12/04/15

I received a confirmation yesterday that both masses are cancer.  I have an appointment with a recommended breast surgeon this morning.  I know this is serious stuff but I can't help wonder what is going to happened with my RNY weight loss.

66 yrs old, 4'11", BMI 27.2 (51.8 at start), HW 256.4 (8/4/15), SW 217.4, CW 135.8 (9/19/16), GW 100.0, RNY 12/4/15 Dr. RoseMarie Jones

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Watch "Forks over Knives".  You can see it on Netflix or order it.  This has some information that may help you.  Wishing you the best.

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I happened to see the other post too, Dont worry God would definitely help you out of it.Dont lose heart.