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boils on the abdomen

on 5/4/10 1:36 am - Tuttle, OK

Has anyone ever had a boil on their abdomen as they were loosing weight?  I have one and it hurts like hell.  I guess I will go to a doc in the box tomorrow to see about getting it lanced.  I just wondered if it was part of the process or if I was just an unlucky one.  Thanks.

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on 5/4/10 3:33 am, edited 5/4/10 3:35 am - BF-Nowhere, United Kingdom
edited twice cause spell check is retarded!

Sounds like Bubonic Plague to me!  You been on any convict transportation ships lately?  Slept in the proximity of dirty rats and lice infested vermin?   If you're free next week I'd like to catapult you into the Department  of Motor Vehicle registration. 

Actually you sound run down.  Boils are usually symptomatic of being generally blah in my experience.  It is staph bacteria that zooms down the hair shaft or via a cut into the skin and whammo a boil.  The thing to be aware of is that with poor nutritional statuses boils are very common.  When were your last labs and what are the chances of having another set done to check on your vitamins?

Aside from that is is likely the plague.  Check you out Mr Vector!  Can I tell my friends I knew you...yannno before the catastrophic WHO alerts went out!


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on 5/4/10 8:08 am
Interesting info re boils, Kirmy. I have a non-op friend who's had a rash of them lately. Is there anything particular he might be low on, something that he can supplement with to help prevent these? He did do a round of antibiotics which helped, but I *know* he needs vites and this would be a good way to convince him to take them.
on 5/4/10 3:15 pm - BF-Nowhere, United Kingdom
Darling the answer is niacin B6 and B12.  I have also read that vitamin E and C are also indicated as possible suspects.  This is refuted in a lot of mainstream medical text as bunkum but then again so is our vitamin supplementation.....seriously in most medical circles!!!! I go with vitamin deficiencies for being behind lots of dermatological conditions but I'm a wafty hippie feral person. 

Tell your mate to have a blood profile run.  They might also have non-diagnosed diabetes!!!


RIP Mickie aka Happychick.  You will be missed deeply.
on 5/4/10 3:50 pm
Diabetes? Hummm...he's skinney as a rail, but we all know that's no indicator. I've been on his ass to get his blood done, but does he listen to me?No---he's a silly, frivilous queen who's too busy having FUN to take care of himself.
on 5/4/10 4:11 am - Tuttle, OK
I have been in a convict ship lately, for a crime I didn't commit.  It was the one armed man that did it. 

My vitamins are good but my hemoglobin and hematacrit are just on the low side of normal and my potassium is low.  My GP suggested over the counter potassium suppliments for now.  I don't feel run down but I could be.  Before the surgery, my energy was so low that even if I feel bad now, it is better than I felt before the DS.

Well, got to go.  I am due for my daily flogging and the dungon master hates to be kept waiting.

There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. Robert A. Heinlein
HW:453, BMI 63, SW:452, BMI 63 GW:200, BMI 27.9

on 5/4/10 3:17 pm - BF-Nowhere, United Kingdom
Hmmmm what about your niacin intake?  Get some B complexes down your throat.

Go soak some bread in milk then slap it on your conjoined twin overnight.  It will burst by morning. 


RIP Mickie aka Happychick.  You will be missed deeply.
on 5/4/10 5:13 am, edited 5/4/10 5:17 am
Any chance it is near folds of loose skin? If so, take pictures of it before and after it is lanced. Have your doctor write it in your medical file. Get creams and **** for that as you go through life and document the death out of this.

This boil situation could be your ticket to an abdominoplasty through insurance at a later date IF�you document it well. I just got approved for mine.


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on 5/5/10 4:08 am - Topeka, KS
Congratulations on documenting and getting approved!
on 5/4/10 5:41 am - Mouseville, FL
DS on 07/13/06 with
Never self treat skin breakdown, or boils and such.  You want every rash and every sore documented.  You also want presciption medication.  All of this will help establish medical necessity when it comes time to go for plastics.





on 5/4/10 7:24 am
Hey!  I want MY adbominal boil!  Where can I get one...what crime do I commit to get on that ship?   I bet if I eat a bunch of white flour biscuits and a pop tart or two I can make a smell such that my community will throw me into a dungeon.  Hope someone down there has a camera to take pics to document for me!  :)

Sounds like a blessing in disguise! 

(hope you feel better soon.)

on 5/4/10 8:23 am - bay area, CA
Definitely document, etc, but when you get it lanced, make sure they culture the pus to check for MRSA. Community acquired MRSA is more and more common, and if not treated you will continue to have outbreaks, so it's important to know.
on 5/4/10 8:37 am
DS on 09/08/09 with
I have got them earlier on in my weight loss and thought I was going to have quite a mess on my hands with loose skin in the tummy. One of my wows is that the skin has gotten 200% better there and the boils and breakdown are no longer. Eh..there goes my surgery the insurance WILL pay for.

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on 5/4/10 11:44 am - Midwest City, OK
Dude aren't you a nurse???? All I got to say is CA/MRSA. Don't pick it! Go and get the expensive ass antibiotics. Take pics too.

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