Thursday...Protein, Protein, Protein

on 12/7/17 5:52 am
DS on 04/01/17

Pre-B - protein coffee (30g)
B - Greek yogurt w/blueberries and almonds (18g)
S -
L - protein shake (30g)
S - Cheese and beef jerky (18g)
D - gluten free spaghetti w/ground beef marinara sauce
S - CarbSmart ice cream

morning batch: done
calcium batches:
evening batch:

10 minute walking breaks :)

on 12/7/17 4:33 pm - VA

I've got to do a better job getting back to those 10 minute walks throughout the day. You're doing great!

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on 12/8/17 7:06 am
DS on 04/01/17

Yesterday went really well. I did not end up having spaghetti with the family I opted for decaf protein coffee. :) Thanks so much for the tips and motivation.