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on 11/20/17 10:45 am - PA
VSG on 08/23/16
Topic: RE: Weekly Workouts 11.20.17

We have family coming in from out of town on Wednesday, so there will be lots of tourist walking around Philly on Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday.

Monday - Fencing 2 hours

Tuesday - Pilates 1 hour, strength training 1 hour

Wednesday - tourist walking

Thursday - tourist walking and maybe a brief workout in the hotel gym (We're staying along the parade route in Philly to watch the parade from the hotel.)

Friday - hopefully get to the gym in the afternoon.

Saturday - Pilates

Sunday - Yoga? Gym? Something.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

Keep on losing!


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on 11/20/17 5:39 am
Topic: RE: Weekly Workouts 11.20.17

Cutback week, though we're traveling to the in-laws so I may do more just to get out of the house.

Monday-rest, walk commute.

Tuesday-5 mile run

Wednesday-gym, hopefully. Still hate the gym

Thursday-5 mile run

Friday-8 mile run

Saturday-10 mile run

Sunday-5 mile run

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on 11/19/17 8:21 pm
Topic: RE: weekly workout 11.13.17

Thanks for sharing your weekly workout with us. Here is the list of my weekly workout:

Monday - walking with my dog

Tuesday - badminton

Wednesday - swimming

Thursday - zumba

Friday - meditation class

Saturday - one hour running

Sunday - rest

on 11/19/17 8:17 pm
Topic: RE: Am i in severe depression? I want to know

Take a deep breath! Assess what is going on with your life. Life is beautiful. You can change yourself for a better.

If you have time go look for a local mental health professional for you to assess what is bothering you. Be open to him or her.

If not possible, google any live group focusing on guidance counselling.

on 11/19/17 8:11 pm
Topic: RE: Weekly Workouts 11.20.17

Thanks for updating us about your weekly weight loss activities.

on 11/19/17 7:01 pm - Canada
Topic: RE: Weekly Workouts 11.20.17

With having nothing to train for I am finding it weird.

Monday fast walking while working

Tue 20 minutes stairs master and hour run

Wed hour master swim

Thursday stairs 20 minutes and strength traing

Friday Barre class

Saturday rest christmas baking

Sunday run hour

on 11/19/17 5:37 pm - MA
Topic: Weekly Workouts 11.20.17

This week I WILL do my best to do the following:

Monday: Kettlebell class 1 hour

Tuesday: 5 K run

Wednesday: Fitbox 1 hour

Thursday: 5 k run

Friday: Spin Class 1 hour

Saturday: 5 mile run

Sunday: Rest

Have a happy healthy week

Yours in WLS Journey,

Bill Mac

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on 11/18/17 8:57 pm - Irvine, CA
Topic: RE: Am i in severe depression? I want to know

We were notified about your post by very concerned board members. We'd like to encourage you to seek out help as soon as possible. Often times feelings like this are temporary, but sometimes someone needs a professional to help them deal with their emotions. We urge you to visit the National Suicide & Crisis website for numbers in your local area of professionals who are trained to help people in crisis.Their website is located here:

Or call the USA National Suicide Hotlines toll-free 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) - or - 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)

We hope you seek out any help you may need at this pivotal time in your life and let us know you're doing ok. Your fellow ObesityHelp members are worried about you.

Please keep in touch.



VSG on 12/10/13
Topic: RE: Am i in severe depression? I want to know



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on 11/18/17 4:41 pm - CA
Topic: RE: Am i in severe depression? I want to know

I hear that papaya seeds are good for this.

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