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Tummy Tuck approved - Tricare Prime

on 3/6/09 3:28 pm - WA
Just wanted to let all the Tricare Prime insurance peps out there that my TT was approved.  I had open RNY 11 months ago.  I am meeting with the surgeon on Tuesday to schedule the surgery.  I am having it done at the military hospital (although I could have it done civilian) Primary Care doc is good friends with the surgeon and he said he would help me convince him to do my breasts too (a lift).  So I am having him do it so I can get both procedures done.  I wont find out unitl Tues. if he will do the breasts for sure. 

on 3/6/09 3:32 pm, edited 3/6/09 3:35 pm - Northwood, IA
Congrats that is such a blessing.  Not many insurance plans will cover the full TT procedure i have found.  Tricare, title 19, medicare/medicaid and a couple select others are the only ones I have seen and sometimes mega appeals and lawyer involvement.  Most just cover a panni removal, considering yourself BLESSED!

I have an lower body lift in april most likely and only the panni portion is covered and that took quite a few months to get covered in itself!  I may have breasts done as well as I have some skin laterally to my breasts that bugs me big time and will only be able to addres that with some breast work, LBL will not touch that.

Good luck and CONGRATS!!!!!
Hugs, Melissa

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LBL - 4/28/09 with Dr. Rene Recinos

on 3/6/09 4:04 pm - Ft Rucker, AL
TRICARE????  Wow!!!  That is so good to know, thank you for sharing this!!  Do you happen to know that it is a full TT and not just the panni?  Now I have something to look farward to again after the weight comes off!!  So excited!!!  Thanks again for sharing!!!

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on 3/6/09 4:11 pm - WA
Full TT...The approval is for an abdominoplasty, not a panniculectomy.

My doc is really cool and went down to the tricare office and talked to them, came back and said "got you approved" ;) 

on 3/6/09 5:13 pm - Ft Rucker, AL
Man that is so great!!  I hope I will be able to get it done too!!  

I will live each day in the mindful present

HW 208/SW 197/CW 115/1st GW 130/2nd GW 120
/3rd goal 115/New GW ??/HT 5'2" NO MORE WEIGHT GOALS

on 7/31/13 5:57 pm - AL
I had my baratric surgery 2 yrs ago tricare prime would not approve for me to have it unless my stomach fell below my knees and had a rash doesn't clear up with medication.i can't even get it approved for on post dr.
on 3/27/15 9:28 am - RIEGELWOOD, NC

What did your doctor say to get your surgery for fI'll tummy tuck approved? My pcm is also awesome and willing to help in any way get it done for me. You can email me 

on 3/6/09 4:14 pm - olympia, WA
What surgeon is doing yours?  I am having Dr Patel do my breasts in April.  I am so excited!!  The plastics Dr's at Madigan are pretty easy going.  I hope your appt  goes well!!
Jilly  BR/BL  April 15, 2009!!

on 3/6/09 4:19 pm - WA
Dr. Frosolone, at Whidbey Island Naval hospital.  I am hoping that he is easy going too and will do my breasts, my Primary Care doc made it sound pretty promising. 

Are you getting a TT done at the hospital?  When you do your breasts do they bother going through tricare or is it like an in house thing?

on 3/7/09 7:21 am - olympia, WA
They will be doing my tummy but not until later.  I had wanted them both done at the same time but I need pretty extensive work so they must be done seperate.

I think it is more of an in house thing.  Good luck aond I wish you a speedy wait.  It might be faster for ou because you are in a smaller facitlity. 

Madigan is bad these days they are so over booked...
Jilly  BR/BL  April 15, 2009!!

on 4/2/09 12:53 pm - APO
ok this is a not a reply but more of a maybe you can help type question. I have tricare prime my pcm put in a referral for me to see a PS for a tummy tuck and BR now the referral was approved and i go in for a consultation on 4/27 now does tricare have to approve what the surgeon says or is the referral the approval for the surguries?  im confused.



on 4/2/09 3:09 pm - WA
on 3/6/09 6:01 pm - Calcium, NY
WOOOHOOOO! I am so happy for you! I am hoping they approve me next year. I am only about 4 months out and I already can't believe the saggy skin. My legs look the worst so Im hoping I can somehow convince Tricare its necessary for them to be fixed as well. Yea, I know ~ wishfull thinking!


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on 3/6/09 6:43 pm - Haines City, FL
that is awesome. I'm hoping they will pay for mine ... but have to lose the weight first. LOL If not, I've already started saving up.  :) 

on 3/6/09 9:53 pm, edited 3/6/09 9:53 pm - Tucson, AZ
My dermatologist has already documented that I get rashes under my pannis and breasts and use medication for those.  I should start getting that ball rolling since it seems that we are about the same amount of time out.  How exciting!  I think I'm going to start talking to the docs about this.  I have Tricare Prime too and am treated at an airbase here in Tucson.  Please keep us posted about the breasts on tuesday when you  find out.  Thanks for the info.


on 10/21/09 7:55 am, edited 11/1/09 9:54 am - Lithonia, GA
Hello Michelle,
Just what did your doctor say to tricare to get your approval for the TT. I need to have one . I have Tricare Prime. Where and how do I start. What is the correct wording that I have to say to get it approved?

on 7/13/11 10:48 am
Hi Michelle,

Just wanted to ask you a little more. What did you have to do to get Tricare to approve your TT?
(deactivated member)
on 11/18/12 9:11 pm

Michelle, who was you PCM? I need to change my PCM (who is horrible) and i was looking for a new one and thought i would ask you. You PCM sounds amazing and kind, and that is someone who i would love to go to.

Kelly L.
on 11/18/12 10:03 pm - San Jacinto, CA
Well, YAY for you that's AWSOME ! I'm tricare too.. Have my referral into my surgeon.. But, nutritionally unsound.. So gonna have to wait a bit yet
Good luck with your procedure.


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on 7/31/13 6:02 pm - AL
Hey ask for a referral from your PCM for a off post bariatric dr. My dr had me take some classes. Mental Evaluation and support group and diet. And exercise. I got approval in sc. Dr Tribble is the best.. I owe him my life.