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does peanut butter make you sick ?

on 10/27/10 6:49 am - Red Bush, KY
I'm 2 years ou from having my RNY and peanut butter still makes me sick, no matter how i eat it...


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Kelly S.
on 10/27/10 6:57 am
Try almond butter, it's better for you anyway.

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on 10/27/10 6:58 am - Baltimore, MD
Oh good GOD no! And if it did my life, as I know it, would be over. Seriously.

It might be the fat content. Animal fat does that to me. Can't eat fried food for that very reason.
on 10/27/10 7:00 am - Amsterdam, NY
Even the littlest bit makes me nauseaous.  I did find Sunbutter and I love it.  Just like peanut butter except it is made with sunflower seeds.  It is awesome!
Kelly S.
on 10/27/10 7:00 am
I KNEW Nik would answer this one! LOL
Lent T.
on 10/27/10 7:04 am
RNY on 05/14/08 with
So do not eat it.. lol...

On a differnt note - try other nut butters.  i can eat 1 tsp of PB, but almond butter - no problem.
I can only  eat natural (ground penuts) - no sugar or other stuff added PB.  Any commercial PB and I am in trouble.
i have no problem with using PB2

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on 10/27/10 7:20 am - Cape Coral, FL
I can eat about a tsp of the good stuff, creamy jiff, and feel okay. More than that and I'm not doing well. Now, PB2 works well for me and I mix that with yogurt and shakes.
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on 10/27/10 7:40 am - brielle , NJ
what's pb2?
on 10/27/10 9:26 am
RNY on 06/08/11 with
PB2 is peanut tasting powder.  I think it is mostly peanut flour.  You can add it to other foods to add the flavor of peanuts or peanut butter.  You could use it in a smoothie or yogurt, etc.  I had to purchase it online.  I do not know if it is out in stores yet or not.



on 10/27/10 9:32 am - Hyattsville, MD
I can only do natural PB.. I use smuckers
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