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Cottage Cheese and Ketchup......

on 11/27/11 1:59 am - Canton, OH
 That was Richard Nixon's favorite way to eat his cottage cheese...

 Since cottage cheese is a great source of protein, we eat it almost daily in my house.  We eat it both sweet and savory and even added to things like scrambled eggs, meatloaf and my quirky fave, whisked into warm V-8 (kind of like a cream of tomato

How about YOU? How do you like your cottage cheese?

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on 11/27/11 2:45 am
Like a lasagna with sauce and turkey pepperoni with no pasta. Egg, spinach, and cottage cheese omlette. With peeled tomatos, or baked apple slices, avacodos, pineapple.... Love cottage cheese!
on 11/27/11 3:21 am
I like mine with dill and black pepper. When I want my c.c. sweet then I mix in some Splenda and cinnamon.
on 11/27/11 4:06 am - MN
Pineapple. Or plain.
on 11/27/11 4:29 am - SC
Plain with salt and pepper. Smothered in applesauce. I'm gonna have to try that one with V8. I love tomato soup and V8 both. I also like it on baked potato with salsa and cheese instead of sour cream.

Surgery is Tuesday. Guess won't be doing the baked potato version for awhile. LOL
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on 11/27/11 4:47 am, edited 11/27/11 4:48 am - At Home in, NH
with ketchup or french dressing for tangy; topped with applesauce for sweeter, dessert-like snack.

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Michelle E.
on 11/27/11 5:07 am
With Sugar Free Maple syrup and a few chopped walnuts...
With Sugar free strawberry jam and a few sliced almonds..
a few pieces of fat free feta mixed in and dried cranberries with Champagne vinagrette
a few pieces of blue cheese crumbles, chopped pears and few pieces of pecans

on 11/27/11 5:30 am - Fountain City, WI
omg! cottage cheese makes me gag but it is so very interesting to see how many different ways to eat it
on 11/27/11 8:09 am - Hampton, VA
 My thoughts exactly, but they are sooo creative with it, I think I will have to try it one more especially the one with the V-8,because I luvv Tomato soup. Whew, thought I was the only one that didn't like C.C.

on 11/27/11 8:29 am - Fountain City, WI
OHHHHNOOOO!! It doesnt matter what you do to it, it still tastes sour to me.. icky! Hope you like it with V-8 though :)
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on 11/27/11 5:38 am - OH
I got SO sick of eating it during the first 3 months post-op that I rarely eat it (or scrambled eggs) now (even 4 years later)!   When I did eat it, I just put some pepper on it. 

I much prefer Greek yogurt which has the same amount of protein and does not have the textural challenges of cottage cheese.


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on 11/27/11 6:52 am - Baltimore, MD
YUMMMY YUM YUM I love my cottage cheese with Apple Butter.  Yes I know apple butter is sweet but has the same amount of sugar as sugar free applesauce.  I had an aunt that ate it with ketchup all the time.

i also like mine with pineapple too!! 
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on 11/27/11 7:57 am - freeport, TX
I love cottage cheese with pepper on it, slathered over a hot piece of pumpernickel toast. It must be hot toast tho. Just to melt the cottage cheese a tiny bit.

If I want it sweet I make a mock rice pudding out of it. Yum!

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Carol S.
on 11/27/11 10:09 am - Milwaukee, WI
 Some Splenda and Pumpkin Pie Spice.  

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on 11/27/11 11:58 am - MS
   I like cottage cheese with salt and pepper or with Pear slices!!  YUMMIE
on 11/27/11 11:58 am - MN
RNY on 08/25/11 with i have eaten cottage cheese all my life and love it still.  I eat it probably 4 times a week for snack...Here is how i eat it..

cottage cheese with pineapple, pears or peaches...
LOVE cottage cheese with sugar free it mixed with lime jello, cool whip and chopped nuts.  
cottage cheese with some minced onions and a little bit of salt and pepper.
just plain cottage cheese on whole grain crackers...

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on 11/27/11 12:27 pm
I like mine plain or with splenda and spices (pumpkin, cinnamon, crushed clove, etc.)

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Nell R.
on 11/27/11 12:35 pm - Hewitt, TX
I eat cottage cheese & blueberries every morning for breakfast


dori M.
on 11/27/11 2:29 pm - MD
I'm kind of grossed out yet intrigued about all these cottage cheese ideas. I tried the fruit & cottage cheese doubles once a few years ago and couldn't get past the texture. Maybe I'll give it another shot.

on 11/27/11 2:35 pm - Martinez, CA
RNY on 01/03/11 with
I had an employee a while back who ate cottage cheese with yogurt.  I couldn't even THINK that would be good until I tried it...and I LOVED it!  I eat it like that all the time now!

I love plain, fat free greek yogurt but I sometimes miss those flavored Yoplait yogurts in the blue containers.  Since they are so low in protein, I can't justify taking up the room in my stomach.  BUT, when I mix it with the cottage cheese which is high in protein, I can do it.

Try's really good!