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Share Your Pureed/Mushies Recipes Here !!

Johanna V.
on 10/21/10 10:59 am, edited 10/21/10 11:24 am - New York, NY
i'll be seeing my surgeon on the 28th and im doing pretty well now with liquids. Next weekend I'll be starting the pureed/mushies stage and im just thinking of the endless things i can Anyone have any recipes or ideas they want to share of when they were in that stage?? I know about Shelly's ricotta bake and the eggface website...but other ideas?? Thank ya'll!!!

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SurgeryW. 299.5    

on 10/21/10 11:20 am
i can't wait to eat refried beans and try the ricotta bake!!!! i'll be keeping my eye on this thread for sure!! :o)
I'm 28, 5'7 and have a bougie size 36 french, not oversewn.
Capacity for dense protein: about 3 oz. Also...only lost 2 lbs pre-op.
on 10/21/10 11:54 am, edited 10/21/10 12:05 pm - Burbank, CA
I just had my first 2 oz of egg salad!  Went down beautifully. (ETA - actually, I may have eaten too took me about 15 minutes but I'm feeling a little blergh)

Love my Magic Bullet!  I may try crab salad this weekend.  I am really looking forward to seeing what others post.  I NEED RECIPES!!!!
HW-280/SW-264/CW-214/GW-155 (5'9")
on 10/21/10 12:05 pm - NY
Hey Johanna,
Congrats on your surgery.  I made a really simple combination of black bean soup and canned white meat chicken (Costco brand or Swanson) and blended it in a Magic bullet or blender.  It's high in protein and has lots of flavor.  I also blended turkey or chicken chili and melted fat free cheese on top and found it really easy to digest.  However, because it's so much more dense than the full liquids you may find 2-3 oz is all you can eat.  Glad to see your doing well.


on 10/21/10 3:00 pm
VSG on 10/15/10 with
I was just eating a few bites of canned chicken and and some baked beans that I had in the fridge and thought I could do the same thing and it would be great...glad to see that on the board.
on 10/21/10 12:12 pm - Vidor, TX
Where do you find the ricotta bake rec?
on 10/21/10 12:38 pm - memphis, TN
VSG on 10/12/10 with
on 10/21/10 12:54 pm - memphis, TN
VSG on 10/12/10 with
 Come on experienced SLEEVERS  ... please help us newbies....  I'm waiting so that I can press "print", because I need all the recipe's I can get!!!   

Thanks in advance!!!   (smiles)   

Hello... My name is Rachel, I am 5 feet tall.... sign in BMI 40.4...  pleased to meet you!!!
Starting BMI between 35 and 40ish? 
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Johanna V.
on 10/21/10 1:29 pm - New York, NY
The ricotta bake is on eggface blogsspot I'm sure if u google it u can find it. Also on my YouTube on my favorite videos lapgyrl walks you step by step on how to Make shellys ricotta bake. Yes ppl help with recipes. The beans and cheese sound good I wanted to make a chicken quesidilla w/out tortilla. I have a blender that's likethe mgic bullet can't wait to use it. Thx Mona

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SurgeryW. 299.5    

on 10/21/10 2:27 pm - Ponchatoula, LA
 All that stuff sounds great...I need recipes too
               I'm a shorty... 5'3            
on 10/21/10 2:20 pm
I'd like some help too.  Day 2 on soft puree foods and all I've had was yogurt, and an egg...Woman cannot survive on that alone.  And I'm afraid to eat too so that's not good.

Johanna V.
on 10/21/10 2:38 pm - New York, NY

Some websites i found hope it helps! ads.cfm#q

and ~>Lapgyrl (now had vsg) has alot of great recipes on her youtube channel!

and d-foods.html <~Includes Baked Ricotta recipe!

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SurgeryW. 299.5    

on 10/21/10 2:50 pm
I made a pretty good crab soup, blended it up and it is pretty thick. I liked the taste.
I also made a really good northern-African style peanut soup with butternut squash from a recipe that a friend gave me.
I also made a lot of "protein pudding" where I added extra scoops of protein powder and soy milk to sugar free or low fat pudding mixes. Jello, etc.
I am on mushies right now, so today I ate refried beans with lowfat cheese and salsa, hummus for snack, and some veggie/ bean soup that I made which is kind of mushy/stew-like consistency. I can only eat about 2-3 spoons or can not really finish a 1/4 cup serving of anything. But at least its some variety.

Here are two soup recipes that you can puree. They are thick, flavourful, and filling.

Crab Soup

1 can crab meat
2 cups soy milk (or regular milk)
1 tsp olive oil
1 potato, cubed
1 onion, cubed
1 1/2 tsp cornstarch
1/2 tsp worchestershire sauce
1/2 tsp tabasco sauce
1/4 tsp lemon pepper
salt and pepper to taste

I sauteed the onion in olive oil until almost browned. Then I added the corn starch to coat the onions. Then I added the soy milk in half cup increments, stirring continuously to thicken the soup. Then I added the potato and spices and simmered until the potato was soft. Near the end I added the crab and extra salt and pepper. Then I blended it all up, and just reheated it in 1/4 cup servings.
I counted about 6-8 grams protein.

Peanut - Butternut Squash Soup

1 butternut squash or similar type
1 can Campbells  chicken broth
1 can water
2 tsp olive oil
1 onion
2 cloves garlic
3/4 cup reduced fat smooth peanut butter or peanut flour
1 tsp thyme
1/2 tsp cumin
2 tsp powdered ginger or grated fresh
1 tsp yellow curry powder
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper or to taste
1/2 can diced tomatoes, no liquid

I cut the squash and roasted it until soft in four big chunks with the skin on. I removed the squash from the skins once it was cooked, and cubed it. Then I sauteed the onion and garlic in a soup pan until browned slightly. I added the cubed squash, tomatoes, and all spices with the chicken broth and water, and simmered for a while. Then I added the peanut putter and stirred it around until kind of melted in. Then I blended the soup until thick. Again, you can add protein powder if you like.

Jennifer S.
on 10/13/11 5:51 pm
on 2/6/11 2:03 am
VSG on 04/11/11 with
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