profuse sweating and nausea

on 9/10/12 12:13 am - Australia
Its been over 2 years since my sleeve, I'm 53, i've lost my weight, but sometimes when I eat I feel very nauseaus and gag, but nothing comes out, then generally following this I have a profuse sweating episode, where sweat pours out of every pore of me all over.  I shake bad during the sweating and can't walk,  it makes me very light headed.  this happens at least once a seems to be getting worse.  I thought it was the food i ate, but i'm not so sure anymore.  I had dry plain cereal this morning and got sick.  i'm past menopause by several years and its just when i eat. I just never know when its going to happen.   Any suggestions?
on 9/10/12 2:19 am - Australia
 It might be worth while checking your vitamin B12 level. You may not be absorbing it. If that is okay it could be worthwhile thinking about allergys, often allergys to food are not from the actual foods but from the products used to process the foods. Consider an appointment to an immunologist.
on 9/10/12 5:32 am - Australia
I found your input interesting.  I do take a recommended multi vitamin, could i stll have a b 12 deficiency?  I looked up symptoms and some do fit, except for the sweating and shaking.  Have you heard of allergies causing such symptoms?  what i ate this morning the dry cereal, i have eaten the past 3 days with no consequences, except for this morning.  I live in a town where there is a serious lack of medical specialists and i have to travel to brisbane for anything, whichis a 9 hr drive or pay for a flight, so i'm just trying to figure this out  using what resources i have.  i appreciate any input you can give me.
on 9/10/12 6:26 am - CO

Reactive hypoglycemia?  Can you check your blood sugar?

  If it feels good, do it!  And if it smells good, eat it!

on 9/10/12 9:55 am - TN
VSG on 06/11/12 with
 Definitely sounds like reactive hypoglycemia.  Cereal is one of the worst things you can eat if you do have this.  Are you only having the reactions after eating carbs?
on 9/11/12 2:24 am - Australia
hi, i'm not sure if its just carbs, i thought i had developed a reaction to dairy and so, i'm on soy milk now and the reactions are definitly less.  the night before the cereal i had salmon, corn on the cob and grilled zuccinni...and got ill some, not like the next morning when i ate the handful of dry cereal.  i also get ill if i have too much sugar...i get the same response of nausea, sweating, etc. 
on 9/13/12 3:15 am - Australia
i looked up the reactive hypo. and youi're right its right on with my symptoms...i've lived with this for 2 years and within 24 hrs of writing asking for help here, i know whats wrong with me.  i'm going to drs., tomorrow...thank you so much
on 9/10/12 10:22 am
Dittoing the responses re: RH.. Cereal and milk (assuming real milk) is a boatload of carbs in a small package. We have faster gastric emptying with the sleeve and therefore can get mild dumping & RH issues. Carbs (sugar)/fats and the combo esp of both (like ice cream) are notorious for this.. It's uncommon for the VSG, but it happens.

I'd start recording what you eat if you aren't and how you physically feel 15-30-60mins later and track it.. then adjust your diet. If it is RH/dumping, then either avoid the triggers, or make sure you have protein first before a small amount of the trigger- such as an egg, then a tiny amount of cereal if you must. 
kristen D.
on 9/10/12 11:41 am - Middletown, NY
VSG on 09/25/12
Even if you take multi vitamins you still might not be getting your B12. I have to take a b12 shot once a month because my body doesn't naturally absorb it. It's worth getting checked out!!!
on 9/11/12 11:45 am
That sounds like a sugar reaction to me. 

I would absolutely make a drs. appointment about it.