Lapband to sleeve.

on 9/22/12 5:45 am - Frosty!!!!, MN
Here I am 7 years after surgery all hope lost with band.The first year I lost 110 with band.
Was doing awesome to I overfilled and streaches esophagus.I have been filled and unfilled
several times. My insunce will cover taking it out and converting to sleeve.

Any input on sleeve if your esophagus as been streached?

Thanks  Jason
on 9/22/12 5:47 am - Frosty!!!!, MN
Btw profile is old still.I have put most weight back on.
Teresa J.
on 9/22/12 6:07 am - McKinney, TX
VSG on 08/06/12 with
 Hey Jason! Remember you from the lap and forum! I am 6 weeks out from the band to sleeve revision and have lost a total of 34 lbs. I am 3 lbs from my lowest with the band. I will tell you the first two weeks were HARD but I am loving my sleeve!! I was always able to overeat my band but am finding it impossible to do with the sleeve when I eat my protein first. There are lots of vets here that can give great advise. Best of luck!!

on 9/22/12 6:17 am - Frosty!!!!, MN
HiTeresa I was on this board alot years ago. I should of 6 years ago had band removed.But I hoped I could get back to proper restriction someday.I was super impressed with band restriction before overfill.
on 9/22/12 6:42 am
VSG on 08/22/12
 Hi Jason, I remember you from the lapband board too.  I revised to the sleeve a month ago.  The reflux and cough that I developed with the band are gone.  Like Teresa said, the first few weeks were rough, but it gets a lot better.  In my case the pain was the worst where the port was.  But I have not vomited since I got the band out.  Good luck with your revision.  Great news that insurance will cover it.  There is a failed lapband group and a band to sleeve group here on OH that you may want to check out. 
on 9/22/12 8:17 am - Frosty!!!!, MN
Must be alot of shy people on here!!!LOL

Does anyone know if you have streached esophagus will the sleeve still work?

Teresa J.
on 9/22/12 9:44 am - McKinney, TX
VSG on 08/06/12 with
One of my complications from the band was a stretched esophagus.  I seem to be doing just fine.

on 9/22/12 12:16 pm
Me too! I remember you from the lapband board :D Yes, we have kind of created a new lapband board over here I guess.

My story is exactly like yours. I've had my sleeve for 3 1/2 months now. I had gained all my weight back that I lost with the band plus 13. Life is good now. It took a few months for me to love my sleeve (never really LOVED my band..). I live like a normal person, I haven't thrown up once since the revision. I have pretty good restriction, but I haven't found anything that I just can't eat. I stay around 800-900 calories a day and I don't feel like I'm starving.

There are a bunch of us old lapbanders here. If you have any questions just ask!

Revised from band to sleeve on June 6th, 2012. Lost 48 pounds on my own in the 4 months prior to revision. 

on 9/22/12 1:01 pm - Vancouver, WA
Annnnd guess what! I remember you from the band forum toooo! I'm still stuck with my band but it's been empty for about a year now. I hope to revise to the sleeve in a few years when I hit soc. sec. age. What I can tell you is that lots of folks are now sleeved that were banded and many, many of them had stretched or damaged esophogus, not to mention holes in their stomachs and other organs where the band eroded into them. So you are in good company here and won't be alone. Good luck to you!
on 9/22/12 2:33 pm - NJ
VSG on 08/01/11 with

I am a band to sleever, little over one year out. Goal in six months and keeping my weight steady fairly easily for the last seven months! Its a whole new world.

Courtney - Lap band to VSG revision

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