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on 10/29/17 7:52 pm
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I'm 6 days post op and I'm struggling to get all of my fluids in. I am drinking 2 protein drinks and my water because I'm on a liquid diet for 10 days. I am supposed to have 3 protein drinks a day and 64oz water and know I am not meeting my goal. Up until yesterday, I kept getting a burning sensation in my chest whenever I drank anything, every sip... it's not too bad today and I do take acid reflux meds. I had an upper gi done the day after surgery and they said everything looked amazing. No problems with my sleeve. I also had a lapband before and it was taken out a few years ago. My surgery took 3 hours due to scar tissue and was suppose to be an hour and half.

Also, I'm not hungry at all. I miss the habit of eating but I definitely dont have hunger pangs. I think some is boredom.

Anyways.. any advice on how I can make myself drink more? I'm afraid of gulping and having that pain again...

Btw. I am down 7lbs since my surgery date.


Sparklekitty, Hag of Science
on 10/30/17 9:00 am
VSG on 12/10/13

Have you tried taking your fluids at different temperatures? For the first few weeks after surgery, I had a very hard time with cold drinks. I had much better luck with things like room-temperature water and warm drinks like tea and broth.

Take the tiniest sips you can. Picture yourself drinking a few drops at a time. Go very slowly! Set your water bottle down between sips to help slow your pace as well.

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Gwen M.
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And Julie said everything I was going to say :) So consider this to be an upvote on her comment.

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White Dove
on 10/30/17 10:12 am

I put my water into a shot glass and drank one slowly every 15 minutes for the first two weeks. I got very dehydrated at night and kept a water bottle next to the bed.

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I am struggling too. I find I have to set an alarm in the middle of the night to drink a small glass of water then go back to sleep. This works well while I'm off, not sure about when I go back to work!

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I too, agree with Julie. Little sips, try diff temps. If cold works, maybe even letting ice melt in your mouth (sf popsicles? I was allowed sf jello and I let that melt as well.) My doc told me the water was more important than the protein in the first two weeks-so maybe ask your team? Keep in mind that this will get easier and so much better. Yay 7lbs!!

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VSG on 10/18/17

I'm 12 days post op. Try a variety of things. SF popsicles, different flavors of Crystal Light, assorted flavor waters and low sodium chicken and beef broth. I keep track on my phone calculator each drink I finish and it adds up ! It's hard for me to just drink plain water but I infuse it with lemon and lime to help. Good luck!

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VSG on 03/14/17

According to my doctor, the protein drinks count towards your fluid intake. Call and ask about that.

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VSG on 10/24/17

Thank you everyone for replying!! I did try the protein drink in room temperature and actually handle it a lot better and it even tastes better to me. I have premiere protein now but I want to get the Core power Protein light because that was my favorite flavor wise ( taste like melted chocolate ice cream) but the store keeps selling them out.

I tried wild strawberry crystal lite and it's my favorite .. So im still trying with that!! For the water intake.

Someone mentioned their team said the protein drink count as fluid intake, my team said it doe not.

I haven't tried the chicken broth yet.. (I don't eat red meat or pork) but I will try it.

What kind of tea can we have? Can you put anything in it or are you just using the teabag? I see my book says decaf for coffee and tea but nothing else about it.

Thank u guys!!

on 10/30/17 9:03 pm
VSG on 10/18/17

my dr won't let me count protein shakes for fluids either. Any herbal decaf teas are ok. If you like sweet tea the Crystal Light might work. Try vegetable broth if you don't eat meat. They are great too for savory flavor. I can't handle all sweet!