Please help me!

on 8/29/17 9:37 am - APO, NY

I am 11 years out from an RNY. I lost 100% of my extra weight and kept it off for about nine years. I have had several surgeries, chronic pain issues, and have lost my exercise mojo. I have gained 20 pounds. I went to a surgeon (not my original, because I now live in a different country...but a reputable one.) The first words out of his mouth were "do you eat sugar?" And I answered yes. He told me to cut all sugar, check lanels to keep it under 5%, not drink fejit juices or eat sried fruit (fresh was fine) and all the weight would come off. That was in May. I have followed that to a T, and have lost between none and three pounds (depending on the day). I eat healthy, and don't graze, and I am so FRUSTRATED!!!! I habe started wearing my fitbit again, and have been gettig about 7000-7500 steps in a day, and this weight is not shifting. I'm really depressed. I have a closet full of nice clothes I can't wear. I realize to some twenty poinds sounds like no big deal, but it is when you've worked as hard as I have. I have been totally vigilant. The doc told me not to count calories, eat protein and fat--just cut sugar. Since I cut the sugar, my digestive system has improved--I was having terrible bloating, pain, diarreah, and sometimes terrible bowel urgency issues. That's stopped, except for some bloating. Can anyone advise me??? I asked the doc, what if I do this and the weight doesn't come off? He assured me that it would. Ugggh! Thank,you for taking the time to read this post, and especially to those *****spond.

on 9/3/17 6:14 pm
WLS on 12/21/15 with

Start tracking everything!

protein 80-100 grams a day

water 64 oz +++ a day

Weigh and measure EVERYTHING even sauces ketchup whatever

Keep track of all the following: help detect whatever sabotage is going on

Protein Calories Carbs Fats and Sugars

Do this for 3 - 5 days and leave nothing out. And then we can all help and give you feedback on any sabotage that may be going on.

If it were me I would be guzzling down at

least 2 gallons of water per day and straight up 2-3 oz portions of meat chicken and fish. I would not be drinkng within 1 hour of eating before or after. Calories ARE going to matter so make sure you track those.

an cut out all carbs for the next 5 days and let's see what we have. Weigh yourself daily and measue yourself the first day. Let's get this weight off of you!

on 9/5/17 7:49 pm
RNY on 09/08/17

Your surgeon's advice sounds really good, but maybe not complete. Cutting sugar is great, but a lot of things count as "sugar" that you won't find on a label. Bread, pasta, potatoes, all of these are made of simple sugars and turn into sugar as soon as they hit your blood stream. Have you cut those out as well?

It sounds like your surgeon is advocating a low-carb, high-protein diet, and that's generally under 30 carbohydrates a day for weight loss.

on 9/17/17 9:23 am
VSG on 10/02/14

HI Kim

I am in the same boat. I had sleeve surgery 3 years ago this October and lost 90 lbs. Over the past year I have gained back 13 pounds and my sugar addiction is really strong again. When I have gone back to eating 60 + grams protein, 35 g and under carbs, and 5 % or less sugar, the weight drops easily. I am just having problems sticking to it for longer than a week. I have a feeling that though you are eating low sugar, you are still eating too many calories. Try eating like you have been, but counting calories with the goal of 800 calories a day. I guarantee you will lose weight.

All of my beautiful size 8 pants are too tight and I refuse to buy bigger sizes. I feel like that is giving in to becoming obese again and I refuse to be that weight again.

Let's do this together !


HW:230. Surgery: 10/02/14. SW:220. CW:198 



on 9/29/17 10:39 am

Make that three of us! I am 12 years out from RNY and regained 30 lbs, which I am miserable about. I will follow the advice here. I know I have been non-compliant and grazing...eating way too much sugar and not enough water. Have even gone back to diet soft drinks.

It's time to get back on plan! Anybody else want to join us?

Sherry T.
on 11/12/17 8:55 pm - GA
RNY on 05/22/12

I may be late to the party but if you girls are still focusing on this, I am seriously needing to get a fresh start. I'm 5 years out and have gained 40 lbs job, lots of stress and no exercise, death of a spouse, death o f my physical and mental health are suffering...I was a ball of energy 3 years ago......I miss it and I want to rectify before I gain anymore and totally undue what I've worked so hard in the beginning to do!! I will be checking in daily and getting on track!! Daily menus would even help because I know i'm overeating and drinking...water is a distant thing...but i'm starting tomorrow!! Thank you!! Sherry


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