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on 11/19/17 5:58 am - Wilmington, DE
Topic: RE: 12 years post-op

In a couple of weeks I'll be at 12 years too. Regain about 15 pounds which is normal but hard to be disciplined. Use My Fitness Pal occasionally to keep aware. Only used Pro Joe for a supplement but now out of business and I can't find a RTD that doesn't smell. Won't drink anything that doesn't taste good ( a plan for my overall eating that has become more selective and worthwhile). Premier is too thick Any suggetions? Are you still using protein In 12 years I've had other health problems with th emarch of time and looking to stay healthy. Would love input from anyone with time and experience in watching watching watching.

on 11/18/17 5:40 am
Topic: RE: Charlie Horse feeling in the stomach

Everyone look up stomach paralysis and vagus nerve (separately). It may be informative.

Sherry T.
on 11/12/17 9:00 pm - GA
RNY on 05/22/12
Topic: RE: 12 years post-op

Would love to post with you, i'm too getting back on track before the holidays and get some of this regain off....i'm at 40 lbs and I feel yucky!! I miss all the energy I had and positivity!! I've had a lot happen in 5 years but its only going to get better!! This I know!!

Just going to start tracking and drinking my water and see how that improves things!! protein first, veggies and exercise!!! Hope to talk with you soon!!



Sherry T.
on 11/12/17 8:55 pm - GA
RNY on 05/22/12
Topic: RE: Please help me!

I may be late to the party but if you girls are still focusing on this, I am seriously needing to get a fresh start. I'm 5 years out and have gained 40 lbs job, lots of stress and no exercise, death of a spouse, death o f my physical and mental health are suffering...I was a ball of energy 3 years ago......I miss it and I want to rectify before I gain anymore and totally undue what I've worked so hard in the beginning to do!! I will be checking in daily and getting on track!! Daily menus would even help because I know i'm overeating and drinking...water is a distant thing...but i'm starting tomorrow!! Thank you!! Sherry


on 10/26/17 8:48 pm
Topic: RE: Getting Back on Track Strategies

So many excellent ideas and suggestions in this thread. This is just what I was looking for. We all know most of this stuff already (let's face it, been there, done that), but we need reminders and refreshers and reinforcement. We need sharing and support and cheering on. Thank you all for sharing your hard-earned wisdom and insights.

Now, in the interest of sharing, how is everyone doing in your efforts to get back on track? I'm struggling with mine after being off track for six years or so. I'll do good for a day or two then backslide a day then refocus and try it again. I'm trying to use 2-3 protein drinks (100 cal. & 20 gms protein each) per day and then have a gastric-pouch-sized dinner. Lots of water and trying to increase exercise as able.

One day at a time.

on 10/25/17 5:22 pm - Boston , MA
VSG on 12/28/16
Topic: RE: What makes a graduate?

Haha. Figured that out by the echoing silence in here!

Gwen M.
on 10/25/17 3:52 pm
VSG on 03/13/14
Topic: RE: What makes a graduate?

Seeing how inactive this forum is, it probably doesn't really matter :D

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on 10/24/17 4:38 pm - Boston , MA
VSG on 12/28/16
Topic: What makes a graduate?

is it having reached goal weight or maintaining for a certain period of time?

on 10/24/17 4:31 pm - Boston , MA
VSG on 12/28/16
Topic: RE: 100 Century Club Cards!!!!

Hi Kathleen ,

i am at goal weight with 150lbs lost. Not sure I want to put my full name on the board, though.


on 10/24/17 2:55 pm
Topic: RE: Probiotics? 8 years out....

Late posting on this, but here's my 2-cents worth. For five years or so, I've been drinking 6-8 oz. of plain kefir per day. Before I discovered the kefir, I was having serious IBS symptoms (IBS=irritable bowel syndrome). As long as I keep up with the kefir, the IBS is (mostly) gone. I say, "mostly", because it still rears up once or twice a year, but that's doable compared to a couple of times a week.

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