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Robert E. Alleyn, M.D., F.A.C.S.
I did have my open Gastric Bypass he also did laproscopic cholesectomy (Gall Bladder removal)on Feb. 1, 2010 & that was the 1st day of my new life!!! Thank you Lord Thank you Dr Alleyn that I have a new chance at making this right... a better & healthier lifestyle! He is AWESOME! I had no complications whatsoever! started walking that same day & ever since, I am now at 1 month out & weight loss on schedule 35 lbs & lots of inches gone!

very informative, nice & professional... I'm in good hands! His office is really busy, they are professional aswell, the Bariatric wellness center is awesome! they are very nice & the class was superb! Nothing negative to say about him yet & I pray there wont be.

He seems to cares about all patients & is thorough with pre op & post op care. Patients I met in reception area are extremely pleased with him, he tries to do all Laproscopically.
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  • Beadwork - I love to make Jewelry sets to sell & give as gifts which I do most of.
  • Jewely Making - I love to make Jewelry,It is fun & it destresses me & they are Beautiful!

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  • Comment by angelkisses12089 2/8/10 9:19 am
    thank u so much for your prayers! I was very blessed!!! he did have to do it open so I got Laproscopic & open because I had a lot of adhesion (scar tissue) but my pain is minimal inspite, & I have 32 staples that I hope r coming out thurs. I put this WLS in the good Lords hands yrs ago & nvr thought I was worthy b ut he prevailed~ I proved to him I was serious, I was in support groups since then, heck look at my membership date here & add 2 yrs more since I had a previus account but somehow opened this one with this screen name! meet me on FaceBook as I am always connected if u'd like... Anna Garcia-Solis ~Hugs
  • Comment by MzSmith 2/1/10 7:12 am
    I pray everything went well!!!
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angelkisses12089's Blog
angelkisses12089's Blog


posted 5/11/10 12:06 pm
I have been in the Hospital recently because I have had so much pain in the middle of my stomach & they found an Ulcer(arghh!) I was there 4 days & had ever test thinkable to rule out many things & I also have a Hiatal Hernia, I am meds & will get another Endoscopy to recheck & if it has not improved I will need surgery.

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