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John Gens M.D., F.A.C.S.
Dr. gens is great. He is patient and kind. He makes you feel as if you are his only patient. He encourages questions and phone calls. ( I am sure he will regret telling me that) He was great with our 14 year old son who had questions about the surgery. I can't say enough about him.
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  • Dogs - We have 1 Dog Tia a 4 year old boxer.
  • Parenting - We have 2 teen-age boys. They are accepting the changes in the house pretty well

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  • Comment by Tonysdime 6/15/10 12:08 pm
    god bless you.
  • Comment by browneyedDeeva 6/15/10 12:18 am
    good luck today on ur surgery ur gonna do just great
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Sookie77's Blog
Sookie77's Blog

Starting to go in the right direction

posted 7/27/09 12:17 am
Well after my official first meeting with Nancy I had put on 2.5 lbs since weigh in.  Not the way I wanted to go, but it happened.  I am not officialy starting my pre-op weight loss and I am making better choices for me.  I started eating more protein and less carbs.   I had a tough choice Saturday with being at camp and all the food that was around, but I was proud of myself and I didn't over eat.  I did have some Taffy Apple salad that was not the best choice, but compared to the 3 layered rasperry filled wedding cake I helped my mother make it was a better choice and for me that is a start.  I weighed myself at home and I have lost almost 3lbs since meeting with Nancy.  So we are getting things going in the right direction at last.  

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