June 20, 2009 - Eating Clean

Today's wt:  182.6

I lost 3.2 lb this week.  That brings my grand total weight loss to 92.4 lbs in less than a year.  Not too shabby.  Last Saturday I decided to eat clean as much as possible while the kids are away for the summer.  It paid off.  I hope it goes as well for me next week on the scales.  I know that is probably unrealistic to think I will lose over 3 lbs again, but I am going to try. 

It is difficult getting use to all three kids being gone.  I feel pretty lonely, but I'm sure I'll adjust.   At least I have been able to focus on my weight loss 100%. 

My girlfriends from high school are having a get together July 17 in Austin.  Last year I would not have even considered going, but this year, I just might do it.  I still have weight to lose, but I would not feel as self conscious. 

I need to add new photos, but I think I will wait until I reach my 100 lb mile stone.  I wonder how long that will take.

I went to the farmer's market today and bought organic lamb, farm fresh eggs, peaches and tomatoes.  They had chefs there from around the community giving out samples.  I was content to just take a small bite of about 3 different dishes.  Didn't feel deprived at all.  That is something I couldn't have done last year.  I would have bought food there, or stopped and ate something on the way home.  The kids and I really don't eat out much anymore.  That has been the biggest change for me.  The kids use to ask "where's for dinner?" since we mostly stopped and picked up our meals en route.  It is more expensive eating healthier.  I can't wait until June 26.  A movie called Food, Inc will open in San Antonio in select theaters.  It addresses how a family on a budget can stop and eat off the value menu much cheaper than it is to buy fresh produce and lean meats at the grocery store.  Boy can I relate to that.  It doesn't seem fair.

I think I will have the eggs and tomato with some polenta and salsa for lunch. 


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