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Been super busy but just wanted to say I made it to a hundred lbs down! Yayyy!

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I haven't been active here a lot because I'm working so much... like 7 days a week most of the time... actually I'm here now... But I wanted to post a quick update. I still feel like the biggg girl even though I get great comments and I have lost almo

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So as I lose more weight, I have noticed that the lumpy, cellulite-ish feeling has increased dramatically. I can pinch an area of skin and it feels like... idk... squishy marbles. I have always had this in my fat but lately it is actually so bad th

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forgive my lack of capital letters, my shift button or caps lock doesn't work. my daughter spilled drink on my keyboard. but finally i am in onederland. i wish i could type a thousands exclamation marks but since shift doesn't work this is all i can do

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Just wanted to write a quick post and let you all know I'm still alive. I took another position along with grooming at my job, and so now I am key holder in the store front, and the main groomer in the groom shop. I would never have been able to work o

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Woooo honey I can only hope I'm this good looking after I get to your...

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Until I saw my old pics! I posted a few new ones for comparison if you wanna see! (I don't know how to post a pic here or I would!)

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