2 Years Post Op!

Jan 12, 2013

Two years ago I was recovering from surgery and figuring out this new way of life!  Eating was so hard, managing the pills/vitamins with all that water was atrocious!  It seemed like brain surgery to manage all of it in a 24 hour period.  Trying new foods and dropping weight but still feeling sluggish -- Those first few months were tough but well worth it!  I am a different person two years later -- and I am still in a discovery of "kelly" phase.  This surgery was a life saver -- physically and mentally I am strong.  Emotionally, I am getting there -- it's not perfect and I hid my emotions with my eating for years and years so I don't expect to just change all that in two years when it took me a 30 years to get here.   Therapy has been helping and I still continue to go.  My progress is just that, progress -- moving forward -- not giving up.  

Ok, so for those that are considering surgery and just now seeing this post -- I know you want the "meat" of what 2 years does with this surgery:

Start weight - 260

Todays weight - 127

Start size - 22

Todays size - small/4

Original goal -- 140   (met within 11 months, but continued to lose down to 132 lbs for next 11 months, now at 127 with lowest weight being 124)

How did I get there and have maintained?  I followed the diet plan given to me almost to the letter for the first year -- I didn't exercise a lot but I am extremely active.  Water and protein are my friends -- sugar still makes me sick (Thank you Lord) -- No carbonated drinks AT ALL!!  No beer, no diet coke, nothing but coffee, water, wine.  I hardly ever eat fast food - yuck!  I eat off of a salad plate to keep portion control -- sometimes my hunger is much bigger than my pouch!  Water is awesome -- I drink around 80 oz per day.  

Body differences -- I need surgery.  I look great in clothes but I look like a 60 year old lady naked (no offense to 60 year old women) -- I probably am worse than that -- The problem areas are my lower belly, my boobs, and my butt.  All those places you want to look good!  My face is good for the most part since I have strong bone structure but I could do with a little filler around the mouth area as it sags a bit.  

Mentally/emotionally -- I am stronger than before.  I don't take too  much from people like I used to.  I feel more confident and I smile more.  I still have a lot of work in this area though.  This is truly where I am trying to find who "I" am.  It's a journey I guess will be never ending but hopefully soon I will know more of "me".  Hard to explain.

Marriage -- we are getting divorced.  It has nothing to do with the surgery or what I went through over the last two years.  We had issues way before my surgery.  There were no other parties and in fact, we remain very good friends.  If anything, I think my surgery helped me deal with the situation that I ultimately faced.  I was strong enough to keep it together, deal with the trauma, support my kiddo's, and still be there for him somewhat.  Life happens....

Me -- I am going to make a bucket list for 2013 -- I am going to explore this new way of life.  God willing, I will learn to have more acceptance and give myself some peace in life.  

That's my two year update -- God bless you all -- thank you for allowing me to share my experience -- keep losing out there!


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