Three weeks and 11kg

Oct 09, 2017

So it's been 3 weeks since my surgery and I could not be happier. I was 132kg, or 290 lbs just before my surgery, and now I am down to 121kg or 266 lbs. The weight loss is amazing, especially as I am sticking to all the food, protein and vitamin requirements. Even better is my glucose is steady at 130-150, and my blood pressure is way down at 108/78 to 115/82. I could not be happier.

OK, so I will be happier when I can eat something I can chew again, but I'm trying to make pureed food from things with really strong flavors, and that satisfies the mental hunger. Physical hunger has not been a problem, and I have to remind myself to eat lunch.

Last weekend I went throuygh the cupboard and found all the clothes I've kept for 10-15 years because they'll fit me again one day, and it was magical to find that a lot of them now do. Especially my South Sydney guernsey - go rabittohs. This did my self esteem wonders, and I'm ready to post a belated before photo now. Other kewl things - I have to get my watch band made smaller, and I can see the veins in my arms - I have biceps again woo hoo!

OK, signing off now, but the journey so far has been great.

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