Jamie S.
Houston, TX, USA
Surgery date scheduled - BMI: 27.5
Surgery Type: Revision
Member ID: T984114924
Surgeon: Erik Wilson, M.D.

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May 14
I've been very tired. So I called the Dr and went in to see him today. He suggested that I take a different vitamin and that I drink Carnation instant breakfast. Next week is my six week check up. I did weigh today and I've lost 25.5lbs.
May 22
Yesterday was my six week check up and all went well. I've lost a total of 28lbs. And the DR said that I'm free to eat anything
except the casing on links and junk food. I can also start exercising. I took my measurments and I've lost a total of 12in. I can not eat more that 2oz for each meal. I'm scared to try.
Dec 29
It's been a while since I've had time to read or write anything on this site. I'm doing ok. I have not been doing the things that I need to do for myself. I will do what I need to do. I want to see if I can tighten up my body some. It is pretty flabby right now. Maybe I can make it without having more painful surgery. I do throw up from time to time and hate it. It is not about over eating for me. Some days my body(not often) does not want food. I hate those days. Most days are ok. I have 25 more lbs to go and I'm hoping that I will weigh 150lbs for my 35 birthday. I still have no regrets. I would do it again and recommend this surgery to anyone. I will try to update my profile more often.
April 27
I went to the DR Monday April 23 and I have lost 19lbs. And today I feel a difference in my clothes for he first time. I have to take this one day at a time and not expect to be a super model tomorrow when I wake up. I had a hard time with this during the second week. I wanted to eat and this week I've done better and next week will be even better!!!!!!!!!!

My surgery date is April 9th. I have a lot of different emotions about the surgery. I'm very excite but at the same time I'm very scared. I think I would be crazy if I wasn't scared. I'm ready to have energy. To be able to walk to the mailbox without getting tired. To go upstairs to my bedroom with out being out of breath. My father died 18 yrs ago today at the age of 44 from heart failure. He had his first heart attack at the age of 32. My brother died at the age of 34. He was diabetic. My mother has high blood pressure. I know that I have problems. If I get upset, I feel like my heart will explode. I shouldn't feel like this at 33 or any age. Yes I want to be thin but I also want to be healthy. It's a win-win situation!!!!
June 4
I was doing real good and now I have gained 8lbs back. The only thing that has changed is that my DR put me on a hormone patch. I do not want to gain the weight back but I do not want to do with out these hormones. Also I have two appointments this weekend to talk to some health clubs. I've got to do something. It's to soon to give up.
Aug 11,
Hello It's been a while since I last posted. A lot has happened. I moved, went on vacation, and have a new job. All positive things.
I went to the Dr on July 20th It was ok. The Dr was not upset, but he did say that I should have lost a little more weight than I have. But I'm ok with my weight loss. I feel pretty good and I look a lot better. I started in 22's and now I'm in 14/16's. Now that I have this new job I Went shopping and had to buy a few new things. I'm not to happy about that I feel that is a waste of money because soon I'll have to do it all again.
Sept 7,
Things are still going ok. I'm still losing. I'm happy with 50lbs gone. I want to be in 10/12 by Christmas. I also want Santa to give me a tummy tuck. I'm having a couple of problems one is my hair lose the other is I do not eat enough. I get tired easy. I've been drinking Boost. Trying to eat mostly meat at my meals. I need to take better care of myself.
April 9,2002
Well today makes a year for me. I'm wearing a size 13. I'm happy with the choice I made. I love what I did for me. No regrets other than I would have found a DR who does a Lap VBG. The scar is not pretty. I've been thinking about the tummy tuck. I'm not sure that I still want to do it. I'll be 35 in two weeks. I do not want to deal with surgery again.
Sept 18 2002
I have not updated in a while. I've had alot of changes in my life. I have changed jobs 3 times and I have ended a five year relationship. I do not regret anything that has happened in my life. I think that all that has changed in my life is for the best. I think that most of the changes would not have happened if it was not for the surgery. Losing the weight has given me more self esteem. I'm not a size 3 or even a 10. But I can get up and walk some place with out being light headed or short of breath. My legs do not ach. I do not think I will loose another pound. But that is ok with me. I am pretty flabby. My fault. I haven't done anything to help myself with that.
Nov 15, 2002
I've had a little trouble with my scar and my belly button. My scar is very tender and it looks very thin and it looks like it has spider veins in it. It was very thick and red until I went to a dermatologist and he gave me some steroid shots. I went in there twice. The scar has always been some kind problem. Next problem is my belly button keeps getting infected. It's oozing and stinks. It gets very red and raw. I posted on the Q & A. I also posted on a local support group here in Houston. I keep getting the same thoughts from other people. Maybe it is a yeast infection in my belly button and I might need a revision on my scar. Maybe by the grace of God that might be enough for insurance to pay for a tummy tuck. I keep going back and forth about having it done. Today I want it done. I've never ever EVER had a flat stomach.
Dec 29
I went to my reg Dr. I really like her but did not agree with what she had to say about my belly button. She sent me back to Dr Harberg and said that she thought that something was wrong with my surgery. I'm almost two years out. I do not think so. I think it is a yeast infection. Anyway Dr Harberg said he did not agree with her either. Of course when I went to see him my belly button is all healed. I know it will be nasty again real soon. He said I could come in and see him when it happens. He also said that he thought I'm ready for a tummy tuck. I know I'm ready too. My stomach is so ugly. I hate it. I think I could drop a size or two if I had the surgery. I'm so scared of gaining weight. I'm happy with my size now, But I do want a flat stomach. I also want perky boobs too......
Jan 9 2003
I went to see Dr Harberg again yesterday. He was an ass. First off he started in on me that I have not lost any weight since the last time I was there and that I was not working with the surgery. I asked him how did he know what I was doing? He said you haven't lost any weight in over a year. He did not look at the right date, I was just in there maybe 2 weeks ago. We got so loud one of the ladies in the office had to come and shut the door. He finally apologized. I went in to see him again and for him to tell me he didn't know what to tell me about my belly button. He is the one who told me to come back and see him next time it is infected. I feel like my hands are tied because of this. My pcp says she thinks the surgeon needs to go back in and fix something. The surgeon says he doesn't know what to tell me and in the mean time I'm in pain and I stink. So I did call my Dr again and ask that she calls me. I'm going to ask her to just give me a referral and she will not have to worry with it again. I'm so frustrated. I was mad all night. Thank God for anti-depressents.
Jan 12,
Thursday Dr Scurria's office called. I told them what happend with Harberg and I have my referral.. I have an appointment for Jan 24th. I can not wait. Help finally!!!!!



Hospital Reviews
  • (Houston, TX) - Park Plaza Hospital

  • Surgeon Info:
    Surgeon: Erik Wilson, M.D.
    He was nice and made sure that I knew that if I over eat after the surgery I will VOMIT VOMIT VOMIT!! He laid down the law and said that it would be forever. I tlked with Vicki. She called me twice last Friday. Very nice lady. My first appointment I watched a short video about the surgery. Very interesting. Dr Harberg didn't try to sugar coat anything he said. Everything that was on the video he repeated and let me ask all the questions that I needed to.
    Insurer Info:
    United Healthcare