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on 6/29/07 12:19 am - Panama City, FL
It has been a while since I last visited and wanted to give everyone an update on my progress. I had a weight goal of 195 pounds and have been bouncing between 195 and 200 pounds for a few months now. I had surgery on my right shoulder and went to visit my daughter during my recovery. I thought I blown my diet, but when I returned home I found out when I weighed in I was at 199 pounds. I weighed in this morning at 190 pounds. Since my surgery in February 24, 2006 I have lost a total of 175 pounds. My doctor suggested that I set a new weight goal of 175 pounds and since he feels this is safe I am resetting my goal to meet his suggestion. I just wanted to encourage all of you who are just starting out on your journey to keep at it and do not become discouraged. If you stick to your doctor's directions you willl make it. God bless all of those on this website who have encouraged me on my journey. -Bill-
on 6/29/07 4:30 am - Atlanta, GA
Thanks, Bill, Wow, you have done a tremendous job. I had the surgery 2-9-06, and you had yours on my birthday, 2/24 how neat! I have struggled too. I now weigh between 187-192 most of the time. You are right, we have come so far, we just need to stick with it. You have come much further than me, my original weight was 273. My original goal was to be 180, i set a realistic goal, lol! I got down to 178 for one day only, when I was sick with strep throat 7 mos ago. That was no fun! I'd like to get to 145, that would be a miracle! Let's try for the first goal together. I will aim for 173, I want to hit that-100 pound mark at least once! So that is almost 20 pounds. It may take a while. I am seeing my surgeon for the first time in 6 mos. today. I weigh 192 today, and was 187 when I saw him last. I'll let you know how it goes. I feel great though, and I'm working hard, drinking protein shakes again, and that is what matters most. God bless you as well. Rebecca
on 6/29/07 5:11 am - Panama City, FL
Hi Rebecca, Thank you for your kind words. I certainly understand the struggle you are going through. I have bounced between weights for months at a time. Sooner or later because I have stuck to the program my weight started dropping again. I do not know how tall you are, but I do not believe your goal weight of 145 is that far out of your reach! However, you are right making smaller goals is better than trying to reach further down the road. I started out by setting smaller goals. Like getting from 250 pounds to 245 pounds and then set another 5 pound goal. Reaching smaller goals helps you and soon you will reach your ultimate goal of 145 pounds. Please keep in touch as I would love to hear from you. We are on this journey together. God Bless, -Bill-
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