donna m
on 1/30/08 5:27 am - cave junction, OR
i am in this group i guess its been about a year since i've even been to obesity.help sooooo.... i was wondering if anyone has ever told you at this far out how many calories per day we are supposed to eat i know that everyone is different but i just need some guidelines thanks donna
Tony Hackworth
on 2/5/08 5:21 am - Prestonsburg, KY
Hey Donna, Welcome to the board. It's kinda slow anymore but eventually someone will reply to ya lol. I'm not sure about the calories....But just wanted to say hello. Take care
on 2/7/08 12:54 am - Bellevue, NE
I've been told between 1000-1200 a day, but it totally depends on your activity level and body. I'm 6'1 and can go alittle above that, but it is different for everyone. Good luck.
Jen Halliday
on 2/13/08 12:07 am - Elmira, NY
Hey, Donna, I just thought I'd pop on and say hi to everyone. Glad you asked this question. You'll probably get a variety of answers because we're all different, as far as activity level goes. I eat between 1400-1800 calories a day because I work out and I am always moving. You should check with your nutritionist and see what they say about your daily caloric intake. Good luck with your journey, Donna! It's fun, isn't it? Jen Halliday
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