Hey, I got a job!!!

on 2/21/08 10:25 am - somewhere, IL
When I started this journey, I said I wanted to go back to work.. Well I got a job... yes me. : jump: after 10 years of not working. A part time job. 10 dollars an hour and I can have full time when I am ready the lady said. And full time has decent benefits from what it looks. Is ten dollars an hour good now day? The last I worked I was only getting 5; 35 and that was minumum wage..... I am so excited. I start training Monday.... . Have to go take a physical and TB tests Thursday.....Yeah Me......
Elisa *
on 2/26/08 8:29 am - I.V., CA
Congrats Marie! I think the pay sounds about right. Part time is a good start...I'm working part time and I'm sure glad I am. I don't think I could my job full time...it really help me decide in what direction I want to go at this point with teaching. Elisa
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