132lbs gone!

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on 7/2/10 12:42 pm - Springfield, OR
RNY on 05/19/09 with
just over 1yr out and down 132lbs!
on 7/5/10 8:58 pm - Lawton Ft Sill, OK
Rock on Girl congrats!

     I  MY RNY 5-5-09    Life is Good
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on 7/6/10 2:43 am - Springfield, OR
RNY on 05/19/09 with
thnx :)
Kelly S.
on 7/6/10 12:57 am
That's awesome!
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on 7/6/10 2:44 am - Springfield, OR
RNY on 05/19/09 with
I KNOW RIGHT! hahaha! <3
on 7/6/10 11:06 pm - Dunedin, FL

Congrats on your success! My 1 yr was May 13, and as of today I've lost 139.5m, roughly - did you hit a plateau around your 1 year? I was stuck at 150 for quite some time (over a month) though I was doing all the same things. My body did shrink quite a bit, but I hadn't hot a plateau like that in a while - I was beginning to think that was it, but now the scale is moving again....

Pat yourself on the back - you've done something tremendous here - keep up the good work!

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on 7/7/10 5:07 pm - Springfield, OR
RNY on 05/19/09 with
my 1 yr was may 19th and as of today i have lost ummm 136lbs????? lol

and ya this last month i have not lost 1 lbs until this last week i just lost 3 :D

So i need to work out more and such.

u look amazing!
on 7/14/10 8:09 am - Cary, NC
RNY on 05/18/09 with
I'm down 131. I too hit a wall for a bit, but the weight is coming off again.
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