anyone on?

on 9/30/11 12:20 pm - Riverside, CA
RNY on 05/19/09 with
 is anyone on here anymore?
<3 Michael (the girl)
on 12/2/11 1:20 am - Hollysprings, NC
I'm here...I come on here from time to time!
on 2/23/12 2:57 am - Cary, NC
RNY on 05/18/09 with
I'm here...I do need to come back more often, could really use all the support I can get.
how are you doing on your journey?
on 3/5/12 9:39 pm
I am here too ... never much action on this board!    I check frequently.  I am almost three years out now ... doing well ... maintaining.  I have to say it does get a little harder as you go on.  My husband just had RNY this past week so it is helping me to stay focused more.  Hope everyone is doing well.
on 5/8/12 3:14 am
I've got my three year appointment next week so am checking in.  I've been struggling the last six months. Still happy with where I am compared to where I was but have regained 12 pounds and want to get back on track.  How's everyone else doing?
on 5/14/12 12:42 am
Sheepla ...

I too have my 3 year appointment the first week in June (had my surgery May 11, 2009)  I am doing well.  I too had about a 9-10 lb gain from my lowest.  I think that is somewhat "normal", however I too want to get it off!!!  I have to say I have been following all of the rules, so I am just sticking with it and getting in a little more exercise and see what happens.  I am VERY happy where I am also.  Good luck at your appointment.
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