Discovered a good source for pre-op broth

on 6/18/11 1:38 pm - AL
I posted this on the RNY forum, but thought I would share this here as well.

My kids love veggies, and brussel sprouts are a real treat for them.  I never used to buy them, but one day they started begging me for them.  They prefer the frozen vs. the fresh ones for some reason, so I get those.  Each time I get them I do them a little different to experiment.

Tonight I had some leftover beef broth that I wasn't particularly fond of and so I added about 1/2-1 c of that to the pot the sprouts were in, then added enough water just to cover them.  I did not set out for this to be a broth for me, so I added two Tbsp of butter, minced garlic, a chicken bouillon cube and an onion bouillon cube and a little salt and pepper.  I covered pot w/lid and turned on high to steam/simmer and just as it started to boil, turned off burner and let set about 15 mins.

Kids DEVOURED them and in taste testing the broth for flavoring for them, I find it very good!  So I made myself a small bowl of it and it was quite tasty!!  Probably should not have had the butter, but it was very good anyway!!

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