on 4/4/12 1:15 pm - Capital Region, NY
Hi Everyone...

Long lost JEllen checking in.

year 2 is rapidly coming to a close, I've had some regain issues, but am currently looking to rejoin a GYM... one that has HOURS that accomodates my busy life!

  I am determined to get back down to goal weight before JULY!  shouldn't be too much of a problem...

I knew this wasn't a "quick fix" ... just a tool... so trying to use it properly... the battle .. against the old bad habits continues... (with much greater control)

BE well...


really gotta change that pic....
Lauren D.
on 4/6/12 8:36 am - Lorain, OH
 OMG, is it ever a battle. Especially with all of these jelly beans, etc. around. Temptation rears its ugly head to me every single day, at least 20 times. Keep fighting the good fight, and congrats on getting back to the gym. It's not easy by any means, but you're right-- it's a tool, it's a tool, it's a tool. Soooooooooooo NOT "the easy way out", by any means, right?!!?!? Sometimes it is just very, very hard. 

Just keep on keepin'on!

       I count protein, fluid ounces, and my blessings everyday. 

on 4/6/12 1:51 pm - Capital Region, NY
Exactly! as for snacks.... I've sort of become addicted to Miss Merengue ... merengue cookies... I tried the Meyer Lemon flavor and emptied the container in 4 days. Also like the chocolate ones. IF... I would just STOP going back for more... they really aren't a bad snack... (like so many things.... )


ah, i long for the early days post surgery when 3 sea scallops...
looked like way to much to eat in one sitting...

time now to buckle down and smarten up!  

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