Saturday July 17

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on 7/13/10 11:09 am
VSG on 07/16/10 with

Just wondering anyone else have the same date planned?


on 7/21/10 8:21 am
Oh yes, I actually had surgery done on that day. Did you?
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on 7/21/10 11:30 pm
VSG on 07/16/10 with

Yes, I also had surgery on the 16th.  How are you feeling?


on 7/22/10 11:40 am

Well today for the first time i am startng to feel better. I really thought that after surgery I would be able to go back to work within a few days but I was sooo wrong. I am glad I took the whole week to recover. I was gassy for the most part but then I started to feel some discomfort, i don't know if its the fact that I am still in the liquids diet and I miss food or what... in any case I hope tomorrow gets even better.

How are you feeling? were you nervous prior to surgery?

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