Our July Surgery Dates

on 6/29/11 2:24 am - Silver City, NM
Date Username Name Surgery
7/1 luckiestparentoftwo RNY
7/1 glorydays55 RNY

7/5 slimmingsammy
7/5 LouiseB Louise RNY
7/5 Graceful1969 RNY
7/5 sandycnv Sandy VSG

7/6 Jenners RNY
7/6 shesha81 Alisha RNY

7/8 no_more_rolls

7/11 scorpiozprincess revision
7/11 Daysey878 RNY
7/11 lynni RNY
7/11 Brianna L.
7/11 Vanishing_mom DS

7/12 MsAReed86 RNY
7/12 thompsonnj RNY
7/12 msridman RNY

7/13 Siui80 Susan RNY
7/13 kellis14 Kelli VSG
7/13 Want2feelalive32 VSG
7/13 marciab333 VSG
7/13 Brandnewme42

7/14 merrysprite RNY

7/18 entrise VSG
7/18 paulsrestoration

7/19 Chip W. DS

7/20 thikchik057

7/25 KaysMommy Aimee VSG
7/25 oldbooknewlook Amy RNY
7/25 dragonlady004 RNY
7/25 queenlala_bee Laura RNY

7/26 katt_ RNY

7/28 Lyonelslady Cyndi Lap Band

Just let me know if you want to be added, or if there are any changes!!!

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on 7/5/11 2:14 am, edited 7/5/11 2:14 am - Jackson, MI
Thank you for making a list!    It's easier to keep track of this way.


DS scheduled 7/8
Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is.  
highest weight 313/ surgery 255 / current 185 / goal 135  Height 5'6"
on 7/5/11 4:10 am - Port Orchard, WA
 Wow Aimee you are a surgery sister too with me and Amy!!!! yayyy.  

so 2 weeks and 6 days, how are you feeling?
on 7/5/11 4:16 am - Silver City, NM
I know its good to have others knowing exactly what you are going through at the same time. I only have a 1 week pre op diet, so this last weekend I have been doing so bad with my food choices. I told my husband I feel like I have to eat the stuff now that I will never be able to have again. Do you do this too. We never go out to eat, but this weekend my husband didn't have any complaints doing it. But other than that I am so ready for the 25th to be here already. I'm so excited and scared at the same time. The only time I've been in the hospital has been for my IVF treatments then having my daughter. I just don't like not knowing what to expect. But in the end it will all be worth it. are you ready?
on 7/5/11 4:26 am - Port Orchard, WA
 i have not really been doing the "last supper" thing. i know a few people who are many years post-op... and they can eat many things, you would be suprised.  i have changed my diet so much already i am hoping to be pleasantly suprised.

i am very excited and very anxious.  i am ready in ways but not in others.  time is going so fast and then it is not going fast enough.

all of these are normal emotions.

i just want everything to go well.

good luck to you and i look forward to watching your progress.
on 7/6/11 5:56 am - GA
I had to switch docs last minute due to my doc having an injury so my date is now 21st of July.  It was actually a blessing as I am very pleased with my new doc and new hospital and it is in network unlike the first doc. :)
on 7/7/11 11:36 pm
VSG on 07/29/11 with

VSG planned for 7/29.  Really ready!

on 7/8/11 6:29 am - WI
RNY on July 25th...getting excited.
on 7/8/11 6:31 am - WI
(deactivated member)
on 7/9/11 3:36 pm
07/13/11 here 3 1/2 days til surgery!!!!!!!!!! wahoo!!!
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