Do you have a WLS relative/spouse/friend?

on 7/5/11 3:34 am - Jackson, MI
Does your spouse, relative, or friend plan on having WLS (weight loss surgery) too?  Have they already had WLS?  Did/Are they having the same procedure as you?  

I have 3 "real life, not met via the internet" friends that have had WLS.  Two have had the RNY, one has had the lap-band.  My husband plans on having the DS a few months after I have WLS.

Anyone else?

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on 7/10/11 10:11 am
I know several people that had the vsg. They all did wonderful. I have a friend we are doing this journey together. We are just waiting on approval, hopefully we will find out this week and be able to schedule........I am soooooo excited!!
on 7/11/11 2:20 am - MD
My spouse and I are both having the sleeve done on July 25th. Had made it a lot easier having company through the 6 months of classes, all the appointments and now thru this 2 weeks liquid diet!!
on 7/14/11 4:46 am - LA
My boyfriend's dad, brother and sister in law and their daughter (his niece) all had various ones. Their support has been wonderful! I told them before I told my own family (except for kids). My surgery was July 5. July 4 is his mom's birthday so everyone goes there. Being with them was great support!

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on 7/25/11 10:32 pm
 I have several friends that have had WLS.  My good friend and her daughter both had RNY.  Mom was 11yrs ago, dtr this Jan.  Another friend had the band then converted to RNY.  Another friend had a lap band. The best is my friend J, (RNY) she is about 5'10" and wears a size 6.  When I told my teenage son that she used to weigh almost 400lbs, he said he wouldn't believe it even if I showed him photos!

 I work with many women who have had successful WLS and I also work with two women who are WLS disasters, but their surgeries were many years ago and they may not have had the best surgeons, techniques, or most cooperative anatomy, so I know there are exceptions to every rule.

A good friend of mine wants to do it so badly, but her husband is completely against it.  He's very athletic and he thinks that you can run 5 miles a day and eat grilled chicken and salad and look just like him.  I feel her pain because my son is of the same mindset.  Support is key!


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