Citrate of Magnesium - Bowel Prep

on 7/11/11 2:16 am - Fort Washington, MD
For all those out there who are preparing for surgery in July and who have to do a bowel are few tips that I've gotten from OH and they worked.
 1:  Keep Citrate of Magnesium in the refrigerator until ready to use it.
 2.  Pour it over a large cup of ice.
 3.  Use a straw to drink it.
 4.  Get the baby wipes ready.
 5.  A&D ointment ( just in case - I needed it)
 6.  Make  a space in the bathroom for a note pad and pen, telephone, and light reading material.
 7.  Above all else, make sure you stay close to the bathroom because when this stuff starts to work -- IT WORKS!!!

Overall the experience was not bad at all, preparation makes a big difference.
on 7/12/11 2:28 am
A little late for me to put it in the fridge since hubbie bought it Friday and I took half a bottle yesterday but nothing happened till this morning and it wasn't enough to be cleanse. Now I have to take the other bottle, this time the whole thing, but I will put it in a cup of ice and drink it with a straw.
Hello I am looking for people who live in the Warren and Center Line area who are preparing for weight loss surgery or had the surgery. Possibly you are having it at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital on E. 10 Mile in Center Line or you had it there. I am preparing for surgery and even though I don't have my exact date as of yet I would like to keep in touch with others that are like me or was like me. Serious replies only please, maybe this summer we could form a walking group and just support each other through our journey of getting healthy.

Please contact me via email, if you are seriously interested in forming this group.


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