Almost 2 years Later

Suzie M.
on 7/1/03 3:26 pm - Victorville, CA
My first impression was surprise that he also has a weight problem. Also he has big hands. But none of my concerns mattered. He was wonderful. I have never received such care before. I last saw Dr. Sanderfer about 6 months ago. His office staff (PA) Frank Schnider, monitored my lab results very close. Whenever he found irregularities, they contacted me and instructed me. I have had some complications. My protein level has dropped so low that they fed me for 4 months by IV. It was called TPN therapy. To my surprise, it wasn't the worst that could have happened. I didn't have to miss any work. The IV was in a back pack that I wore (or kept near) for 18 hours a day. That time eventually was reduced to 8 hours a day, until finally 4 months later, my protein level got up to 3.5, which is considered the bottom of normal. My hair began to grow back (it thined) and I began to regain strength. I still have to monitor my protein level at least every 2 months, and take my vitamins, iron, etc. but I understood prior to surgery that these complications were possible. I am primarily impressed with the degree that I was monitored by Dr. Sanderfer and his staff. Also, he monitored me for an additional 6 months (without compensation) because, after my surgery in 8/2001, Dr. Sanderfer discontinued his relationship with my HMO. However he continued to monitor me diligently. My only concern with Dr. Sanderfer is that he did not remove my gallbladder at the time of my gastric bypass in 8/2001. Well in 4/2003 I had an emergency gallbladder removal. Dr. Sanderfer usually removes his patients gallbladder, however, he choose not to in my case, for whatever reason. So if you have 100+ pounds to loose, insist that your doctor removes your gallbladder.
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