3 years 2 in months

on 6/7/04 2:30 am - Simi Valley, CA
Well, I originally lost 88 lbs and was 10 lbs from my goal weight of 122, and then I found that I could eat candy and other chips and not dump. I dump on the strangest things. I wish I dumped on chocolate, but I don't. I've gained 15 back, but I don't exercise. I've started walking every morning, but it's only been 1 week. I'm scared, but I know in my heart, I still look so much better than I did before! I did go back to most of my bad eating habits, I'm really a carbo junkie and don't know how to stop that. One thing I have tried though, is when I'm hungry, instead of reaching for the pasta or chips, I'll make an egg or eat a few nuts. That's not the best, but it is better. Drinking water does NOT fill me up like it does some people, so I'm at a loss!
Diana M.
on 7/30/04 11:10 am - Washington, PA
Hi Cheryl. I too am a 2001 RNY patient. I too had good success, although I never reached my goal which was 147 lbs. (ha!). Instead I made it to about 176. Although this was actually a "good" weight for me (I'm 5'7), I have to admit I was disappointed. Now at 191 as of today, 176 looks like a dream. I am also a carb addict and do not exercise. In addition, I have always been able to eat more than other RNY patients and got "hungry" quicker than most. If you'd like to ready my profile, it is listed as diana m & diana m2 from Pa. I guess I am just writing to say that you are not alone. I intend to keep on fighting the battle. I too KNOW I look so very much better, pre-surgery was taking 2 very high dosage blood pressure meds which were not working and now down to 0 so I AM a success. BUT I want to be even better and WILL succeed one day at a time. If you'd like to email me, my new email address is [email protected]. Take Care and Good Luck. Diana M. 2
on 9/9/04 7:15 am - Portland, OR
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Hi Cheryl! I am also 3 years out from my surgery and just now discovered this message board. I never got close to goal, but I am so much healthier now that I don't mind. I will never complain about being a size 14 after being a size 24 for 10 years. Remember that WLS is a great tool, but the hard work is still up to Us! I can eat anything I want and I don't dump (I had VBG), so I have to be very careful to avoid eating junk food. Did you know it only takes 3 days to detox starch out of your body? Three days of feeling awful and then you stop craving it. I am a sugar addict so I have to stay Completely away from sweets or I eat them constantly! Let's use this message board to support each other and help keep on track! Tammy
on 9/9/04 2:37 pm - Simi Valley, CA
Hi Tammy, I would love to keep writing you! Thanks! Where do you live? I know what you mean about being healthier. I didn't know about the 3 day thing. So, what? I stop eating starches for 3 days and I won't want them anymore? tell me more!!!! Well, I just got some bad news! I may have a Vitamin B-12 deficiency. It takes 3 years for the Vit B-12 to leave your body if you don't have enough of it every day. Even taking it under my tongue 2 times a week, it's not enough to absorb. I go back to the Dr in 2 weeks. I have tingly feet and no short term memory. both a side effect of low Vit b12. I go back to the Dr in 2 weeks. They took 9 viles of blood yesterday! I should have just given them a pint! I guess the B12 is the hardest to absorb. I had a bone density test in 3/04 and I was told I have the bones of 25 year old, I'm 47. So, that's good!!! Keep in touch! Cheryl
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