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John W.
on 1/1/10 9:00 am - Near Topeka, KS

Hi October 07 surgery folks,

I'm inviting you to a little group to help those (yes, including myself) who have gained 10 or more pounds beyond that lowest weight. We are calling it the "Drop 10 for 10 Challenge". You can easily join this group by going to I'm hoping that with your help we can generate a little excitement and enthusiasm for getting back on track. We will have a monthly weighin, but it will only be pounds off since the start of the new 2010 decade. Your participation is only what you want to make it. I'm pumped up and ready to get back on track for 2010.

There are no hard and fast rules for joining, but you really should be at least 10 pounds above your lowest post-surgery weight and interested in getting things back in line.

Let's get this new decade off to a great start.

John Wurm

Start Wt: 347 --  Lowest: 191 --  Current: 216.2  --  Goal: 197


New in 2010
Regain of 20 pounds has thrown me for a loop - will not let this get the best of me - what am I doing about it?


on 2/4/10 9:21 am - NC
I haven't regained. But I haven't lost weight in more than a year. I've just stayed the same, ugh!!!! I'd still like to loss 20 more lbs, so I'm going to be checking in here lots!
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