9 year check up

Elle Felts
on 7/20/11 7:25 pm - TUSCALOOSA, AL
I went for my 9 year check up yesterday with Dr. Dewitt.  He was pleased with my continued success.  I have maintained with over 160 lb weightloss.  I bit up from my intial weightloss but not too much, not much at all and he is very pleased.  Still waiting on labs to come back, but I'm not expecting anything out of the ordinary.  God is GOOD and He is able and just.  I give Him all the glory for my success in this journey.  I am still trying to get off the additional 15lb. weight gain, but with Him ALL things are possible.  God bless each and every one of you in your own personal journey and may you find the peace and love of God as I have.  Be blessed,  Elle
(deactivated member)
on 7/20/11 10:26 pm - Midland City, AL
 YEEHAA  another Old Timer.  We have had lots of ups and downs over the years but one thing has been consistant--our friendship.

You lose weight but gain life-long friends.  Keep the faith
Elle Felts
on 7/20/11 10:34 pm - TUSCALOOSA, AL
Love ya Gwen.  So happy to have you in my life.  We may not see each other often but we will always be friends.   
Kim S.
on 7/20/11 10:41 pm - Helena, AL
Congratulations on your continued success!
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