on 6/18/11 2:06 pm - AZ
Hello everyone. I'm new here and am a year and three months out of my RYN surgery.Problem is I have only lost like 30 lbs. Help. I lost my insurance in Ca. and now live in Bullhead City with another insurance. ISo far I haven't found a Dr. In Bullhead  to help me figure out why I am not losing. My husband and I have gone through some really hard times in the last year and a half. Money wise and other wise. I wasn't able to afford all the vitamins I needed, so am now just getting back to where I can afford to get them. Can that have an effect on not losing?? I don't eat alot but maybe I don't eat what I should. Can someone help me out here with some answers??? Thanks alot to all who helps!  Linda
on 6/18/11 3:33 pm

Try posting this one the main RNY forum, I am sure you will get more responses.  I am sorry I don't have an answer.  I am about 6 months out and have been a really slow loser so I am interested in the answers you do get!

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on 7/31/11 11:17 am - AZ
 Hi Linda! It is important to make sure the meals you are getting have all the nutrition you need, not just taking your vitamins. I have been using a product for over a month now and it has worked wonders. Please let me know if you would like more information. You can contact me at [email protected] I can provide a website that will show you information, there is a health challenge involved to help you stay on track as well! talk to you soon. 
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