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on 6/7/14 2:34 am
VSG on 09/05/14

I have an exclusion to bariatric/weight loss coverage under my health insurance. SOOOO I am self pay no matter where I go.  I initially am considering surgery through Dr. Umbach in Las Vegas. However Banner Gateway in Phoenix area is giving me a price, but it is a too good to be true price. So I think that there are some things that they are not telling me, or there will be hidden fees somewhere. One of which I believe is the hospital stay.  Can anyone tell me their experience with Banner Gateway? The price they are giving me is ridiculously low for a US surgery. A total $7950???

on 6/21/14 3:59 am

Have they told you what the $7950 covers?  I am also self pay because of exclusion w/ my health insurance.  I'm having my surgery July 11th @ Scottsdale Healthcare.  Here is a fee schedule that they gave me (laparoscopic bypass):

Physician Professional Fees (Post op visits @ no charge for 90 days) - $2180  plus $350 for psych visitSurgical Assist Fees - $2180
Facility Fee (hospital) -$14,500 (2 nights in hospital)


The price they gave you does seem too good to be true.  I'd ask them what the fees I listed cost.   Good luck!                                                                                                                                                                                

on 6/22/14 4:52 am
VSG on 09/05/14

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate your openness with your costs.  I had left a message but I've got no response in over a week. I think it is missing some fees. I have ultimately decided to go with Dr. Umbach near Las Vegas. And your numbers confirm that for me.

I am sure that the hospital fees are going to be the kicker in the price that they gave me, and when I asked during the phone call and she was unable to give me that information, wasn't sure what the cost at the hospital would be or what was included.   I think that if I am self paying - that is an important number and it should be as accurate as possible. Your numbers are getting up there in the range that I was figuring for gastric sleeve in Arizona.   I was initially scheduled for July 11th also with Dr. Umbach, but I have had some tummy troubles and I think it would be appropriate to find out what is going on there before surgery. So I am having a upper and lower GI thingy done on July 8th instead  I'm hoping it is not a big deal and I can still have surgery the beginning of August.  Good Luck to you! I'm sure you are very excited.

on 7/12/14 5:46 am - Peoria, AZ

Hi, best of luck to you.  I am doing mine thru True Results - my ins also has a no gastric clause but they quoted me a fee of $6000. for Lap Band and that covers everything, including a year of fills and adjustments.  I didn't see any other comments about them yet but I just joined.

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