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Janet H.
on 8/30/16 6:39 am - Golden Valley, AZ

Hello, AZ, I moved to AZ 2 years ago and looking for people need me that had surgery, I live need Kingman AZ, and having a hard time finding a DR. that know how to care for me and follow my blood test.

I had RNY Oct. 30,2007 in Harvard IL, I have been healthy until this year with my protein and iron counts down, I have gained a lot of weight back, surgery weight was 375 lbs.,. lowest weight was 165 lbs., current is 265 lbs., I really need to get my self back on track.  looking forward to meeting new people.


      Success begins with wise choices I make,I will not let noncompliance be my mistake, The surgery I had was to assist me in changes. My compliance is for a success long range, So I will think before I decide to cheat. Remember the goals I want to meet. For this surgery is not something I was force to do It was what I wanted for a healthy life!       



on 9/2/16 11:42 pm

Hi Janet! Welcome to AZ! I'm in Tucson so not exactly nearby. But my surgeon's office is in the Phoenix area, so a little closer. I went through Weight Loss Institute of Arizona for my VSG. 

Are you considering a revision? Or are you simply looking for support to help get you back on track?

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