Need Primary Care Physician - HELP!

on 10/7/16 3:03 pm - Mesa, AZ

I am really in need of a good Primary Care Physician (PCP).  The one I had been seeing for all my meds just up and left and went somewhere else.  I am left hanging.   I don't really feel comfortable with the other doctors in the practice and really would like to find a PCP that is good and can read all the blood tests need for a Duodenal Switch patient. 

I don't know if I am being clear here... a little frazzled... I live in east.. East Mesa... almost AJ and I had a revision from a RNY to a DS in July of 2015.  I am NOT happy with my surgeon so I don't want to go back to them to have my blood tests read, so I need to see if I can find a PCP that is good that knows and can understand all the bloodworm involved with the duodenal switch.

If ANYONE can help me and recommend someone, I would greatly appreciate it!!!

I am really in need.

Thank you


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