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Gus H.
on 5/21/11 4:37 am - La Puente, CA
Hey there guys I'm alive!

I'm 5 yrs RNY post op and began having complications in 07 with severe abdominal pain.

Last Thursday, i had a bowel obstruction and my RNY was reversed, I died in the OR table and now left with about a foot of small intestines-all of my small intestines were twisted and had no blood supply. Not to forget, the 7 blood transfusions I got. I now have SHORT GUT SYNDROME or SBS and have to live with TPN/feeding tube. I'll have to carry around a pump which will give me my nutrition.

It's been a crazy week.... Any questions?
on 5/21/11 5:11 am - CA

I'm so sorry to hear about you getting sick and having to have surgery. How scary for you and your family. I hope you adjust to your new life style quickly. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Keep up posted on how you are doing.


A. G
on 5/21/11 6:07 am - CA
I"m sorry this is going on.. but surprisely enough Is been five years of my RNY to..i didnt have the sucess you had im still in 200 lbs, :{ but i have been feelling cramps in my upper part of my stomach like cramps.. especially when i bend down.  You think i might be experiancing the same? also in around the areas of incessions..thnks for your support.. i wish you well and hope to hear from you.
on 5/21/11 8:18 am - Jamestown, CA
Gus, I 'm so very sorry you have had to go through this hell, and after doing pretty well . well you have to always be on the feeding tube . what is your future prognosis.

Wishing you the very besat.


Living Life
on 5/21/11 10:28 pm - Riverside, CA
Gus.... I just heard about your troubles from someone. I feel for you and your family. You are strong, and now you will see just how strong you are. I know this had to be hard for you and for Ana, and you all will remain in my thoughts. Feel Better!!!
on 5/22/11 3:37 am - La Puente, CA
Wow.. You are a walking miracle. I am glad to see you posting you have been through quite a ordeal. Did any of the complications come about due to anything you could have prevented? I am not blaming at all I am just curious because we all get comfortable after a while with change? You invited questions I just thought I would ask. I am glad to see although this new lifestyle change will take some getting used too, you seem to have a optimistic outlook.
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Gus H.
on 5/24/11 2:16 am - La Puente, CA
There's nothing that I could have done to prevent the bowel obstruction.  With any abdominal surgery, a bowel obstruction may occur.

Since 2007 I had abdominal pain and no tests diagnosed the bowel obstruction. Unfortunatley, it was not caught on time and now I gotta deal with this.
on 5/22/11 5:40 am - Burbank, CA
OMG!  I am so sorry to read about your ordeal.  I will keep you, Anna and the family in my prayers.  I pray they will be able to reverse some of the side effects for you.  You have our love and support.


on 5/22/11 5:45 am - Merced, CA
Gus I am also sorry about your ordeal. I am glad you are doing better. Take care.

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on 5/22/11 1:29 pm - CA
Wow Gus you have been through so much. I remember way back when you had the RNY because I was going through my lapband. I am soooo sorry that you have had to go through this. Wish you only the best..
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