3 years out today!

on 2/24/13 4:49 am
The first two years are really a gift and a curse!

What i mean by that is that i could eat anything i wanted and not gain a single pound.

The only problem with that is that i went back to my old ways and i would eat anything i wanted.

I had read on here that i would have to be more careful after the first two years.

But when the pounds started go up i first thought that it was a normal fluctuation of my weight and kept on eating.

My all time low was 215 lbs at two years out. Three weeks ago the scale said 238.

There was no denying it any more. I was gaining weight once again. I couldn't believe that i was so weak that even with the amazing DS i was able to gain weight.

But then i decided to go back to basics and cut down on my carbs.. And its not like i'm dieting or anything. I have just exchanged my sandwiches for some carrots and nuts instead. I still eat lunch and dinner of pretty much anything i want. I just try not to eat waaay too much of it.

I never go hungry!

I'm not back to 215 lbs yet, but i have lost 13 lbs in three weeks. So far i'm down to 225 and i'm hoping to be back to 215 soon.

I hope this helps someone to start to eat better before their 2 year 'honeymoon' window is over.

I know i sure feel great!
on 2/24/13 5:06 am - London, United Kingdom
DS on 07/24/12

Well done for catching yourself before you got too far off track ;-)

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on 2/24/13 5:24 am - VA

Great advice!  Happy surgiversary.  : )



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on 2/24/13 5:42 am - OKC, OK
Good work! I'm at the same place.
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on 2/24/13 6:11 am

True, true, true!

on 2/24/13 7:05 am
I'm also losing weight together with a friend, and i gotta say its a great idea.

You can help and support each other. But it also gives you some one to help you make dinner at night.

I highly recommend doing it with a friend.

I'm also very happy i caught it before it got completely out of control. I was already feeling uncomfortable with the added weight.

I'll be damned if i let my self get to 375 lbs again before i react!

on 2/24/13 11:07 am

I'm 4 years out and am depressed after gaining 30 lbs in the last 8 months!!! My diet has been crap, and I know what I have to do, so time to get off the pity pot and get to work! I certainly don't want to be back where I was 4 years ago before I started this journey, which has literally saved my life!

on 2/24/13 11:11 am - Saskatoon, Canada

It happens so fast, I have been down and up and it is totally frustrating. I have been watching and I am still struggling, keep on top of it and you have really encouraged me today, so thank you.

on 2/24/13 1:43 pm
Yes, three weeks ago i also felt like there was no way i could or would lose any weight.

But my friend started a week before me and she told me that only the first 2-3 days truly suck After that it gets easier.

Armed with that knowledge i started. And i did have monster cravings the first days. But it truly does get easier.

I read that it takes 6 weeks to learn a new habit, i'm more than halfway there. I hope it sticks, it already feels totally normal to eat healthier.

Phatgirl, i had gained 23 lbs before i decided to act. Now after 3 weeks i have 10 lbs to go.

If i can do it so can you! Just imagine 6 weeks from now you can be back at your low weight.

Get your behind in gear and do it! 6 weeks from now you'll be happy you did!

on 3/4/13 12:17 am

Thanks I needed that encouragement!!!!!

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