Thursday Roll Call

on 6/23/16 4:14 am - IL

Good Morning,

I hope everyone survived the storms last night. This morning it is foggy and damp.

We were unable to watch the 2 hour Big Brother last night. Chicago Channel 2 had a 2 hour weather report. It was going to be replayed at 12:20 last night. I taped it, also the one for tonight.

We are doing a quick overnight trip to St. Louis this afternoon. My Cousin Bob has some papers he needs help with. Hubert didn't want to put him off until we go in August. So I get to have dinner tonight with my 2 best friends feom childhood.

Have a great day,


crystal M.
on 6/23/16 7:52 am - Joliet, IL

Hello everyone

We didn't get anything bad.  I mean it was strong thunder storm.  But nothing like the 60-80 mph winds and hail they predicted.  But we prepared.  We had the garbage cans in the garage.  The patio umbrella down.  Basically we put away everything that could blow away.  And not much happened.

Greg an avid storm watcher was all excited.  He had the radar going on his tablet and the windows open so he can watch the sky.  He was disappointed...LOL.  Ya.  He's the type you will see watching the tornado coming and running for cover at the last minute. 

I was joking with him because I was telling him the back room in the basement was the best place to go in case of a tornado (no windows).  He said...there are too many spiders back there.  I started laughing.  I said...when the tornado comes no big deal.  It's the big hairy spiders that we have to watch out for...OMG!!!  He hates spiders and I tease him about it.  LOL!!!! 

Never a dull moment here. 

Well back to work.  Have a good day all


on 6/23/16 11:07 am - Brighton, IL

I am near Alton and we had no storms at all. It is very humid here today though and miserably hot too. Lily my pup and I got our walk in early at 530 am so that was good. Hope you have a good trip to St Louis,Lisa and are able to help your cousin. Enjoy your time with your friends too. I am doing housework today getting ready for my youngest son to fly in from Atlanta Saturday evening. He will spend 10 days here then head back. He's been in Atlanta area since August but was home for 3 days at Christmas. He is our helpful son so wee really miss him being here. He loves his job(just not his boss) and is doing well though. Better get off here and get to work Later!



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