Tuesday Roll Call

crystal M.
on 7/5/16 10:08 am - Joliet, IL

Hello everyone

I need a weekend from my weekend.  I am tired.  I feel like I have been running to one get together or event to another all weekend.  Saturday and Sunday we didn't get home till well after midnight. 

Yesterday we got home at close to 10pm.  I wanted it to be earlier because we had to get up early for work.  But as it turned out it didn't matter.  Our whole subdivision was partaking in some partying in some form or another.  It was music and fireworks till late.  I am a person that can sleep through anything (and I mean anything) but the trick is falling asleep.  Which I did eventually.  But poor Greg is such a light sleeper.  He said that they were at it till way after midnight.  I mean it felt like the whole subdivision was lighting up.  We are surrounded by corn fields so you can see our neighborhood a few miles a away.  When we pulled on to the street the sky over our neighborhood was just filled with fireworks.  And it was bang-bang-bang every 10-20 seconds.  I feel sorry for the people with dogs.  So needless to say we are pooped. 

 I did tell Greg when he kept "booking" us for more things to do during the weekend.  I said You know you're going to be sorry.  Well he is now.  LOL.  I will say we did have a good time though.  We went to Ravinia and it was my first time.  I can't wait to go again.  How fun to be at a concert and have a picnic...instead of just sitting in seats.  I loved it.  Believe it or not it was cold.  I brought a sweatshirt and a sleeping bag.  I was cozy.    

Greg's birthday is coming up.  We are going to his favorite restaurant Wednesday (even though his birthday is Thursday...he can't wait).  This weekend I am making him his favorite chocolate cake.  I am not a big chocolate cake fan ( I know I am weird).  So I won't be too tempted to over indulge.  I will have a small slice and that's all. 

So how was everyone's 4th of July weekend.  Great I hope.  See ya later        

on 7/5/16 3:52 pm - IL

Hi, We had a quiet weekend. We went out for dinner on Friday, stayed home on Saturday. Went to Yorkville Sunday, and worked around the house on Monday.

Streator's celebration isn't until this coming weekend. I know, it is weird.

We have been grilling out as much as possible. Hubert wants burgers on the grill tonight, to go with corn on the cob, potato salad and fruit salad. Its ok by me.

Have a great evening,






Nancy G.
on 7/5/16 4:39 pm - La Salle, IL

Hello All 

It was a relatively quiet weekend for me.  Of course with Rick not here, it takes away the wish to go do something other than to go visit him which of course I did.  

We finally are seeing better improvement in the PT dept.  They seem to work on him and then forget him for weeks/months on end.  Well, they are back to giving regular PT!  I do hope that this time we see the progress necessary to get him able enough to come home!  He is at the last step and it is so frustrating that they quit working on him.  We get all kinds of excuses, staff changes, shift changes, therapist changes etc.  Whatever the excuse of the day is.  It doesn't help to push back.  GRR. 

Being back at work is good.  Half time is great.  Love the hours.  People are so thankful to have english speaking people back.  It is nice to be appreciated.  

The cats are semi behaving.  They are still up to their adventures and mischiefs.  I just shake my head at what they come up with.  It saddens me that Claude at around 15 is starting to show his age and is getting clingy which has me concerned that he may be at the end of his days.  He is such a special cat.  He is also getting grey.  I am not looking forward to that day.  

So my routine is just that, a routine.  Not much excitement here, just trying to stay afloat on a sea of challenges.  

Hope everyone has a great week!

    Cat Lady

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