Been years since I have been on here, Lap-band and basically 10 yrs out

on 3/11/19 8:02 pm - OR

I can't even begin to say how sad it is that I sit here and almost weigh in at what I weighed pre-band. I have days where I can eat, days where I can't. Never know from one day to the next. Sometimes I toss up even milk, other days I can eat a dry salad like makes things tough. I can't really eat fibrous veggies, can't eat most meats most of time. I had an exam done a couple years ago and was recommended to do a reversal (different insurance from when I started) my new ins of course provides no weight loss coverage, whatsoever. When I had seen the Doc. he said that I shouldn't have more fluid removed because it would cause me to gain more weight...well in the last year I have gained almost 50lbs. I had to have a hysterectomy and of course that ballooned me up...just down. After my surgery my husband left me for another lady and my band experience declined as I was a single mom, and then going to school and no money whatsoever. I did overcome these things and finally got back down to 208 lbs. never below 200 :-( Now I am almost 260...

Anyone have any luck taking all fluid out and trying to weight loss on there own? I miss being able to actually eat and have energy. I walk over 12,000 steps a day and try to eat right when I can eat. I do have a bad habit of sweets when I can't eat anything else. (nothing else stays down) just seeing if anyone else is having these issues.


JEN M.            
on 3/18/19 2:32 am

I understand your situation but it will take some time I guess. I got mine done here

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