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I can't even begin to say how sad it is that I sit here and almost weigh in at what I weighed pre-band. I have days where I can eat, days where I can't. Never know from one day to the next. Sometimes I toss up even milk, other days I can eat a dry sala

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Banded 12-08 and in need of help - For those of you just beginning do not read this and get discouraged, as a matter of fact, don't read it...everyone is different and MANY people do extremely well with the band...t...

jenstime posted a discussion topic 8 years ago
Been a year since! lapband - Hello everyone! I am not sure how many people stil lcome to the Graduates, but I've had the lapband now since 12-09 and I am in need of encouragement, advice...etc. Originally I ...

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1 yr. and 16 days - It's been a year.  Am I where I wanted to be? Nope, am I better than I was?  Absolutely! I can swim a mile, I can ride a bike a mile, I can tie my shoes without feeling winded, I c...

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