My New Self Bariatric Center-Des Peres Hospital

on 8/27/13 3:45 pm - Collinsville, IL

I live in Collinsville, IL...considering sleeve surgery.  Anyone have any comments about the docs at My New Self...Minkin, Ricks, or Dr. Scott?

Thanks...any input would be appreciated.

on 8/29/13 1:31 pm - Warrenton, MO

I think Dr Scott is the best


on 8/29/13 1:37 pm - Collinsville, IL

Thank you!  Do they require a pre-surgery diet?

Cecelia B.
on 9/3/13 8:08 am - St Louis, MO

I had Dr Scott when he was at De Paul.  He since moved to DesPeres.  Excellent surgeon and experience.  My best friend is going to next week information meeting with him for the sleeve.  I am accompanying her there.  

Starting wt. March/ 2010  385lbs
Surgery wt.  Sept/2010     322lbs
Current wt.  Sept/2013     204lbs


on 9/3/13 9:30 am, edited 9/3/13 9:32 am - Collinsville, IL

Is that meeting on the 10th, Cecelia?  I think I might go, too!  Oh, I just checked...Minkin is leading that one.  There's one on Saturday that Scott is leading.

Amy 2bhealthy
on 9/11/13 3:43 am - STL Metro, IL
VSG on 09/13/12
Dr. Scott is an extremely talented surgeon. I am a revision patient and have Dr. Scott to thank for helping me when my original band surgeon wouldn't after repeated band slippages. I would highly recommend him. He isn't a warm and fuzzy Dr. He is just really busy, but he is friendly and does a great job. If you have any other questions, I would be happy to answer them.


Revision: Realize band to VSG....loving my sleeve!! 


on 9/11/13 7:21 am - Collinsville, IL

Thanks Amy...where do you live?

on 10/28/13 2:04 pm
Thanks for asking this question, I have appointment Wednesday with the psychiatrist and then Dr. Scott I'm so excited and nervous all at the same time. I am going for a revision to a RNY done in 2005
on 5/18/14 9:01 pm

I went there and had dr Minkin do my sleeve. I love him. I received the best care. I was really impressed with the nurses who took care of me.


on 5/19/14 6:59 am - Collinsville, IL

Well, I've changed my mind about surgery...just don't feel comfortable doing it.  I did meet with Minkin...waited an hour and a half...he was rushed.  Trying to lose on my own, again! 

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