Area support groups?

on 4/5/10 1:41 pm - Belgrade, MT
RNY on 10/15/12
Just curious if anyone knows of any weight loss/surgery support groups in the Bozeman/Belgrade area.


Tyna S.
on 4/6/10 12:47 pm - Billings, MT
I say hop in your car and drive to Billings :-)

Our group is meeting tomorrow night.  We meet the first Wednesday of each month and sometimes in between also.  You're more than welcome to join in if you're ever in Billings.

You should just put the word out and make your own group.  Start meeting people one at a time.

Good Luck!

(36 pounds lost before surgery)
Surgery 2-3 cc, 1st fill 2 cc, 2nd fill 1 cc, 3rd fill .7cc
on 4/7/10 12:42 am - Belgrade, MT
RNY on 10/15/12
I sure wish I could!  I'll make a note of it and maybe I can go next month.  I HATE that gas prices are going up!  I have to go to Billings on the 20th for two doctor appointments.  Too bad the meeting isn't then!

on 5/5/10 1:23 pm, edited 5/5/10 1:24 pm
Tyna, It was so good to see you and Vinca tonight, You have done a great job with the band you look great.  I hope to see you and others next month.  Keep in touch I will be watching for more posts.  See you soon.  Debbie
Elizabeth N.
on 4/17/10 7:28 am, edited 4/17/10 7:29 am - Burlington County, NJ
Dumb question: Did you ask your surgeon or inquire at the Deaconness Hospital?

ETA: How about in Butte? I know there was/is a WLS surgeon in Great Falls, but that's a whopper of a haul.... Butte isn't quite so bad.
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